Isoacoustics Orea Indigo isolators for sale (sold)

I am selling 2x of my Orea Indigo isolators for $85 shipped via USPS .

I originally used these under my SGCD and they work very well with an immediate improvement in SQ. I am selling to switch to the new Bronze isolators which are tuned more optimally for lighter components like the SGCD.

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@cxp - I recently ordered pucks for all my components and had a custom bamboo plinth made that carried the (2) SBOOSTER LPS & Nucleus+. I used Bronze pucks (4) for the plinth and asked the manufacturer of the bamboo (20in X 16in X 1.5in) plinth the weight and got 13.75lbs and that brought the puck weight close to the edge of optimal. However, I did not believe him after researching the density of bamboo planks. I determined the weight should come in at 10.5lbs. Long story short, 10.75lbs. These puck optimal weight per puck really matters. The good news is the plinth w/ component weight is right on the money. I just reconfigured my rack to use the pucks and have been waiting 3 weeks for them to come in. Plinth, DAC, DMP, PRE, and AMP. I also added a 0.625in (2.5in diameter) puck that will fit under the AMP puck to allow the XLR cable to be closer to the Preamp. It is not stretched; however, the closer I can make the connection, the better.



My SGCD is only 13.5 lb’s, even with 2x steel doorstops (2.25lbs each) on top, total weight only goes to 17.5 lb. ~6 lbs is in the optimal range for the Bronze while the Indigo need around 10-12 lb per puck for optimum.

I am a suspicious that a large portion of the benefit of the Isoacoustics are not on isolating the components from external vibrations, but absorbing their internal resonances.

@cxp - assume you are going for (3) pucks at ~18lbs total. I like to use (4) pucks for lateral stability; however, less than 24lbs you have to start thinking about (3) vs. (4) pucks. Do you mean a dampening function as opposed to an isolation function. Integrating the internal vibration. I believe the benefit is external resonance isolation if I read the literature correctly?

If you look at their Gaia pages, from which this technology is derived, you see that those act to suck up internal cabinet vibration.

@cxp - interesting, have you called them to make sure your conclusion is verified? I would never have thought what you are thinking. Is there dampening, yes… however, the thrust of benefit is isolation I assumed. This is a very good question.

Also, they have been very clear about not using the stock footers both via email and on their website.

I tried placing under my footers and the result was bad. No body, very bright and harsh. If it was merely isolation, under the footer would be fine and possibly better.

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@cxp - thanks, because I was going to use the stock footers. So, if it was just isolation, the stock footer would be OK you are right. I even add footers to my plinth because I thought less area for isolation. Thanks for the follow up. It looks like you are right… they are dampening (integrating) internal vibration and a larger contact area helps that energy integration. Yeah, your assumptions seem valid based on your follow up.

I am curious about how the weight for each footer is calculated and the optimum performance chart.

If I have a 22 lb component, with 3 minimum recommended Orea, do i divide the 22 lbs into 3 which means slightly over 7 lbs where the Indigo is before its optimum weight or is it the 22 lbs in full regardless of how many Orea, which means the Bordeaux will perform optimally?

Some use (3) pucks, some use (4) pucks… weight/#puck… I use (4) pucks so it would be 22lbs/(4) pucks = 5.5lbs/puck. I like (4) pucks for lateral stability…

I would go with the optimum weight when deciding 3 vs. 4. At just over 7 lbs you are at the intersection point of Bronze vs. Indigo.

I’m at 17.5 lbs so I am under 6lbs per puck which is where Indigo is ok but Bronze is clearly better for me.

@CXP Ill take them off your hands. Been meaning to pick up a couple more. Ill send a PM.

Yeah, 17.5lbs overall is a tough decision… 4.375lbs/puck at (4) pucks… I would probably go with (3) pucks… you need to make sure the weight is enough; however, not too much or too little… reason for the optimum range drawing…

damping . The correct word for reducing the amplitude in waves (such as sound waves) is " damping " or “to damp.” The word " dampen " means to make damp or moist, and is concerned with liquid, not sound
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@RonP - right you are, my apologies… :slight_smile:

Didn’t single anyone out, especially since it is so commonly done–just read the threads. :thinking:

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@RonP - all good, was my mistake… no issues… a very important point.

I use Alto Extremo footers for most of my components. They work well in both three or four sets. They have a chart for different types they sell, and expected performance. Linked below. Not cheap, but a lot of this stuff isn’t! Bought most of mine second hand.

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Looked like a good product, thanks. A lot of this is personal choice and finding it second hand and sticking to what you like. See how quick these pucks sold for cxp…

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@cxp - Isoacoustic pucks came in today - (16) Bronze & (4) Bordeaux. Thanks for the heads up, I took the feet off the components. I will let the system settle down this weekend and let you know how it sounds.