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I like the yellow '32 Ford. My dad had one he drag raced in the '60’s.


That yel 32 is my 32 Deuce Coupe… I have all those die cast cars… the deuce motor is 383 stroker w/ Dart block and all components to accommodate the TBS 6V-71 billet blower and 15psi boost. 600HP to the TCI street fighter 700-R4; then 3.5in balanced aluminum DS with Wavetrac 3rd member; 4 link triangulated 9in rear.

The dual JL Audio 10in anniversary subs; I designed the enclosure and a friend of mine built it. That is what he does for a living. I finished the enclosure in leather myself. Yes, it was done in 1in MDF… :slight_smile:


@baldy - have you ever seen one of these? Can you tell me what is in my garage? I’ll give you a hint - 650HP w/ 650ftlbs…


Z06. Silver, although it almost looks dark enough for shark grey.

Do you have the Z07 package?


No, not the Z07 package - Blade Silver… the garage is very dark. This was featured at Barrett Jackson in AZ and a friend of mine was telling me about it at a dinner I was at a week after getting it… he was going on and on… so I told him I got a new car after that and when he walked out he lost it… it was just too funny…

This car is the $hit - 50+mph around a street corner, no breaks needed. 0-60mph in less than 3 sec and when you hit 60mph, the supercharger is just kicking in and you get the second pushback in the seat as you are accelerating past 100mph easy… this car is a 200+mph rocket… it scares the crap out of me… 335 Michelin rears w/ 280 PSS in front…

My C6 was quick, this is a beast! They have an eco mode, like WTF! better gas mileage getting back from the track. The variable valve LT4 is so freaking impressive…


It is indeed a fun car. I m very familiar with it. :slight_smile:


The first time my wife drove it and put her foot in it she lost her $hit…what is cool is that it is very mild, low drama… spin the dial to Touring not to piss off your neighbor, the sport and track when you want to get a little more serious…


It is remarkably tractable. Very easy to control, and will not do anything you do not tell it to - impressive engine tuning and throttle management.


Here’s dads car circa 1965 or 66.
Shortened and narrowed '55 chevy frame with a junkyard Ford straight axle welded under it, all steel '32 body with the doors welded shut (climb in thru the open roof), Hilborn fuel injected 327, Vertex magneto, Crane cam and heads, (yes they also did cylinder heads then), M-21 or M-22 Muncie (not sure if the M-22 was available yet), late '50’s Olds rear most likely with welded spider gears, center seat (shifter between the legs), drum brakes on the rear and no brakes on the front, hand made headers and oil pan .
My mom used to push start him with a '64 Dodge Polara we had with a 383 and a 4 speed. Across the starting line burnouts were still allowed in comp. eliminator then.


Yes, it is very mild mannered, then put your foot into it and holy crap. LT4 w/ variable valve timing is the way to go for flexibility. I’m getting the 2021 mid engine; did not want the 1st year mid engine since they really never produced a mid-engine. This 2019 Z06 was produced in Bowling Green and painted there from what they say. The paint is very nice, the whole car is just really nice. Not a fan of going the package route. I use a Pioneer XDP DAP w/ BT connection and Pandora. I bought 20G WiFi so that will last me with trips to Cali and back. I thought about going radar detector and thought again. This car will do cruise control, it is a cop magnet and if I have a radar detector I will take a lot of chances… Fear is the best aphrodisiac for speeding to Cali.


I know little of drag racing and am lousy at it. Was a cross the starting line burnout a good thing? Was this prior to traction treatments for the track?


@Baldy - thanks for sharing, that is so cool… I have a Moon tank; however, used as a puke tank, not race fuel.


Across the line burnouts were good so you could lay a little rubber down in your lane to help the launch.
The Altered class cars did not have a starter and had to be push started at that time. They allowed you to do a burnout in traction compound but there were no track treatments being used. Bleach was used as a traction compound but I don’t know why. The tires were Hoosier recaps if I remember right.
In the early '70’s the made all of the sportsman classes be self starting and no more burnouts across the line to move the show along better. At that time there were so many drag cars that we wouldn’t get home before 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning.


That Moon tank was gravity feed into the belt driven Hilborn pump. We used to buy Sunoco 260 gas at the track. No water pump just thermo-siphon. Changed spark plugs every run. Put fresh water in every run. They were really crude machines compared to today’s stuff. My '16 Z06 and yours are nearly identical. Mine is the darker gray. It will go mid 10’s at the drags pretty easy. Unbelievable when you look at where it all started with the GI’s looking for some fun after coming home in the late '40’s and 50’s.


Yes, the reason I asked if you knew what was in my garage - :slight_smile: The C7 Z06 is amazing; even after owning a C6 which is a really nice Vette. My wife was bugging me to get a Ferrari and I got pissed… I love American cars, period… I grew up loving American muscle cars… Wait till the mid engine Vette has a few years 2020, 2021… 2022 to get the bugs worked out… that car is going to be amazing…


Thanks. I was assuming the advantage was you might get a bit more traction.

I have never experienced better traction with bleach, but it produces lots of white smoke on a burnout. :slight_smile:


Shark grey in particular really works on this cars with the black aero effects and black wheels - and of course the optional red calipers.

The mid-engine C8 will be spectacular.


I thought about trading my Z06 in for a ZR1 this year but they wanted $80k and my car. It was a little too rich for my blood so I backed away. Kind of made me mad that they only offered me $60k for a car that I paid $95k for a couple of years ago. I’ll probably pass on the mid engine version unless I get the hots for one after they are released and as you say let them mellow out for a year or two.


@Elk Yes. I like the darker gray also. Mine is shark gray with black interior, carbon front splitter and carbon side skirts, black wheels and the red calipers. I was going to get the calipers in black but it was only available as part of the Z07 race package for another $10k. I might have gone for it but the racing seats were not going to make the wife very happy and I didn’t need any wider tires or bigger carbon brakes. I really love the car. Its got great manners and a big ole set of kahunas.


I find this the best color combination for the car. Although the racing yellow with tinted clear coat is spectacular as well, just in a different way. :slight_smile:

$60k on trade-in is actually quit fair, but painful when faced with how rapidly cars, and audio bits, depreciate.