Isoacoustics Orea Indigo isolators for sale (sold)


You are right. I did some price shopping after skipping out on the deal and $60k+ was about market retail. I just wasn’t quite ready for it. :frowning_face:
I shouldn’t have been bothered with it as all of the racing stuff I have had over the years devalues at least 50% as soon as you open the box then goes down quickly from there if it gets used at all. The first time I bought a racing engine from a builder I asked if it had any kind of guarantee. He said it was guaranteed until I turned out of his driveway with it in the back of my truck.
The depreciation on stereo stuff doesn’t bother me at all. For the money spent the enjoyment makes the cost a wash.


What do you do with a new car temp plate (paper), waiting for legitimate plates and have an 800mi ride in a few days? Laminate (heavy duty) the temp plate for the ride and use the new license plate holder… :slight_smile:

Love AZ, one plate state, unlike Cali…


I never contemplate devaluation of stereo, cars, cycles… I never take care of any of this stuff for the next owner. I will ride the hell out of the Z06 and listen 100,000+ hrs on my stereo stuff and I ride the hell out of my bikes… All of this is disposable income and in the end we are not getting out alive. I held my son in my arms as he died at 8 years old… I would give the millions I have for a one minute conversation with him… it’s all BS… how much your worth, how much you make… I wake up in the morning and if I like what I see shaving, I keep doing what I’m doing… If I don’t, I change things… I never really concern myself with money… if I need more, I work harder… watching someone you love more than yourself die in your arms gives you freedom… I don’t give a $hit about most things and most people’s opinions… anyway - I will get a new Vette every few years… I have no one to leave my stuff too…


Please accept my sorrow for your loss. I cant even begin to imagine the heartache.


It’s all good, he died in 1999 and still hurts every day. We all have our crosses to bear. It just gives you another perspective. It’s all BS… being happy is not about the toys; it’s about having fun with the toys. I’m not really a collector, more of a need something to do…

I just gave away my 61 Vette w/ brand new: AME chassis, Tremec 5 speed, and Wegner 950HP motor to Ranken auto school… ~$130K loss and this Vette Z06 took the pain away… yes, I know about depreciation… :slight_smile:


cardri, I know it’s not the same thing but I watched my first wife draw her final breaths way too young and know that changes your life, and your perspective. I don’t have your kind of money to toss about but I don’t hesitate to find what I want and enjoy it in the world of music and instruments and equipment. Life is so short and passions must be pursued. Have a great weekend.


I’m sorry for your loss. Agreed, I was broke when my son was alive and I was happier. Chasing money is not what makes me happy. The less I chase money, the more I have… like women when I was young… Baldy is right in the sense seeing a $95K car devalue 30% in a few year pisses you off. I guess after so many cars, bikes, stereos… I come to expect it. So when they ask about the plastic on my PSA gear I say screw that, ain’t taking care of it for the next owner.

Also, don’t toss money around… $hit happens and you just deal with it.


I think all successful people are driven to succeed by various forces. I have had my share of success and luckily a wife of 42 years who has supported me at her expense in time the whole way. I spent a lot of years getting up at 3:45 AM and getting home at 7PM or later. A couple years ago I decided that she had been ignored long enough. Lets just say that the 2nd honeymoon has been pretty damn nice. Hopefully your high performance hobbies help to ease the pain a little.
The only real dollar value things have is what you pay up front to use them for a while and the $100.00 per ton you can always get at the local scrap yard.


Yeah, I was extremely successful at the cost of time away from my wife. Two years ago we decided to move from Cali to AZ and work from home. We are inseparable… 35 years and going strong. If it was not for my wife, I would have killed myself. I was driving the car he died in… No drugs, drinking, just a careless few seconds I have to live with every day till I get to apologize when I see him again.

You got it… your wife is worth millions… and mine is the love of my life. She is just amazing! I thank her for loving me every week. And we lean on each other and get through the birthdays…

Hell on earth is watching the one you love more than life itself cry all day on your dead son’s birthday, knowing you caused that and there is nothing you can do but apologize.

$130k is chicken $hit… money is just a tool…

These hobbies allow me a moment to escape the torment, they force my mind to think about design, numbers, models, and engineering to move my life in a positive direction.


Amen to that


Have a great weekend and thanks for chatting…


You too. Thanks


You are a good man @cardri


Thanks, we all have our burdens in life. Anyone that has not been tested leads a blessed life.


I was reading this thread thinking some people have all the luck, born wealthy. A little envious, as any of your cars, are worth more than my mortgaged house.
Then I see you are self made, and have faced a tragedy that is only truly understandable to someone who has gone through it.
On the internet we only see small glimpses into a person’s life.
I have a whole different opinion now, as someone else said, you are a decent person, a good man.
I saw the bicycle thread, and your photo. There are three things in life that I love, music, my dog, and riding. I put 13000+ miles on a steel LeMond Tourmalet that I bought in 2003, and before the 2004 season, I replaced everything but the fork and frame. Dura Ace 7703 with Easton bars and post. Wheels were built for me by a guy in Colorado. Chris King headset, all total I lowered the weight by 3lbs. In 2013 my neck started hurting, spinal stenosis, with bulging discs. I can’t ride anymore, between the pain and the meds, my balance is off. I was already dealing with riding with one leg, but I grew up with that. Other than financially, we seem to have similar interests, always loved cars, music, and going out for a 25 mile ride on a warm sunny day was good for the soul. Even used to ride on dry 35°F days, but the older I got, the minimum temperature started going up.
I know it has been a while ago, but you have my sympathy regarding your son.


Money is just a tool, possessions are just things that occupy us during our life. Love; well that is what life is about. If you are as fortunate as I am; been married to the love of your life, and held a newborn created by that love… man you are blessed! I have been around, born poor, lived poor, and loved poor… Life is about choices, it is that simple. I chose to not be a victim, I chose to work hard. I chose to live a life my son would be proud of… these are choices… they are struggles… Yeah, some see posts and think I’m spoiled; some see posts and see I’ve suffered… You are so right… life is not a snapshot and if we give each other the time and space, we appear as who we really are… not a snap shot… I’m glad you took the time and did not rush, sat back and at times were mildly amused… other times a frown appears… then curiosity… we are all somewhat complicated so thanks…

Also, the picture of me on top of my component rack is me at the start of an Ironman. The other picture is my son… After almost 20 years of not being able to look at his picture, I have finally moved it to the music room.

My first bike was a Lemond (yellow). So here are a few shots of my bikes… I built these from the ground up and or heavily modified them… I hope you enjoy them… The black project one is my hill bike… All CF with ceramic BB, Zipp 202 wheelset… Shimano DA DI2 groupo, integrated CF stem-handlebar - 13.5lbs. The Cervelo is my Ironman bike. DA groupo… My KTM has Ultegra DI2… All the bikes have CFTi KEO pedals… custom wheelset my friend built for the KTM


Very impressive, I used to train with a local team in winter, when you can’t get dropped. We had one guy who qualified, and went to the Hawaii Ironman. I used to do support for their Spring century ride. The coach was an Olympic Silver medal winner. Over the years I did two metric centuries, and led fitness rides for the same bike shop. I had thought that I would be riding until I hit 70, or died, but when my neck went it really messed with my balance. I’m sure it is partially the meds. They wanted to put a titanium plate in. I asked them if it would eliminate the pain? They said that pain, but you would still have pain. My last girlfriend had her back fused, and was not allowed to lift more than 10lbs. The only limitations my Dr gave me, was to stop doing anything that causes more pain. So at least I can still mow the lawn, shovel, and use the snowblower.

Money may be just a tool, but when it’s tight, it can suck. I know one couple that work hard, and like you, enjoy their wealth. I think that is the way to live. Whatever is left, leave it to a good charity.

Be glad you are in Arizona, last time I let the dog out, it was -18F.
Here is my LeMond and proof of my dedication.
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Very Cool

Tonto National Forest: Mesa to Pasen over the mountain range. That was a fun ride.