Ivory Room Tunes SOLD

Marked down from $200. Now asking $149.99 or best offer for 8. They are clean in excellent condition, come from a pet and smoke free home. I need to raise money for a KLH Nine rebuild. Make me an offer.

Where are you located?
I’m in Marietta, Ga.


I’ll offer $100 and pay shipping and Paypal for the eight long roomtunes.

I will send you a private message.

John, I deleted your post with your full name and address as I believe you do not want to post these publicly. I suggest communicating with each other either via PM or email.

Great catch Elk! Saw that and cringed.

Thanks Elk,
I thought I was sending a private email to the seller. -Obviously not. How do I do this without a private email address?
Another privacy problem I’m having is that my name is displayed publicly when I post to this forum.
I have tried multiple times to change this in preferences to no avail.
Obviously, I need some help here.

If you have email notifications set to on, the forum sends emails of new posts to you. If you respond to these, your reply email is exactly the same as going to the forum to post. It is very handy and some, like Paul, use it a great deal as you need not log into the forum to reply.

During a sales transaction, I suggest communicating via PM. You can also exchange personal email addresses by PM and then send emails to each other outside of the forum.

I am happy to fix your displayed user name. Just let me know what you want your avatar to be. The transition to the new forum software messed with a few user names/avatars.

My displayed user name should be " John Dubya" That is what I see in my preferences. It just doesn’t seem to matter what I put in my preferences.
Thanks for your help.

All set (I had to put in the underscore as the system does not allow spaces).

Let me know if I can otherwise help.

Thanks Elk

I guess I’m a computer dummy.


Not at all; I can make certain changes a user cannot.

You are very kind, and thank-you for your time.

Click on the user name of the intended recipient and then the email icon.

Thank-you, Stevem2

That helps.


Just to be clear, this sends a PM on the forum to the other user, not an email. User email addresses remain private.