J River problems

I know I am a computer idiot and have sought out help here and at J River but this computer music thing is really killing me. Had some success using E Lyric and mc 19 but using mc21 totally stinks. My latest problem is getting J remote on iPad to connect with my computer. yesterday I tried and obtained a access key and it worked for a while. Today it won’t connect. Why I keep on resigning up and getting access key when I have been a member on J River for a while I have no idea. Anyway any help would be nice, I am just about had it with this streaming and ready to go back to the old way on listening. At least when I turn on the cd player it works every time. Sorry for the angry post. Mike

Can you provide some additional information, such as PC or Mac? Can you play OK from your computer and it’s just a JRemote problem?

in JRemote go to Tools/Options/Media Networks and you should see your access code. You should also have checked “Authenticate (username ___, password …)”. Make sure all that is entered correctly in JRemote (you only need to input the username and password once in JRMC and JRemote and then it’s transparent and you can use anything you want).

Edit: should have been “In JRiver MC go to Tools…”

mac desktop, iPad air 2, ps audio perfect wave 2,

Authenticate username and password, I put in from JR forum site. Hope its right.

Okay a couple of dumb things, my pc goes to sleep in a couple of minutes and connection is lost.

also I have a hard time keeping JR at my dock or home page on computer. I have to keep going into downloads to find it and go through the initiation process.

If I can conquer these things I think I need some advice on router connections. Thanks

Go into System Preferences/Energy Saver and set the computer to “never sleep” (it’s OK if the display or hard drives go to sleep but not the computer).

Where do you have Media Center installed? It should be in your Applications folder (called “Media Center 21”). Open the folder in Finder and drag the MC icon to your dock (it doesn’t move the actual application, just created a permanent link in your dock). You can also right click on the application and create an alias and move that to your desktop.

O.K. so far so good.

Just need JR to work later on, It always seems to torture me a day later.20_gif

And torture it did.

just got some sound after 45 minutes of messing with it this evening.

first it connected with dac fine but would not connect to computer.

went to options and messed with start up section. Got a new access code and finally got connected.

now i cant get dac to connect to ipad.

reset dac with power button from behind and finally got it.

there has to be a easier way to use this machine.

It can be a steep learning curve. cry

There may be some network problems going on here. Once configured properly (and it can be a real pain getting there; JRMC 21 did not work for me for reasons I never figured out, until suddenly it did), it should all just work. One thing that may have helped in my case was importing the settings from JRMC20. They should have been transferred automatically when I installed JRMC21 but they didn’t. If JRMC19 worked for you, you might try that (there should be instructions on the JRiver Wiki). You can always reimport your current settings if that doesn’t help (I think the settings backup files are in a folder in the documents folder on the Mac).

Steve, did you notice any improvement going from MC20 to MC21? I have MC20 and have been content, but last week JRiver sent an e-mail saying that MC21 is now stable (just now?) and recommended. In honor of this feat they are offering a whole $5 off until today! Should I take the plunge? I also noticed on their forum that both MC20 and MC21 are stable with Windows 10. I have a Windows 10 upgrade lurking in my System Tray and want to make sure there aren’t any hidden bugs before jumping off the cliff.shaking-head-no-smiley-emoticon_gif

FWIW Tho I haven’t used them heavily JRiver MC 20 and 21 are working fine here on Windows 10. (I should say that I haven’t run either Bridge at all on Windows 10.)

Peter, I have not noticed any significant differences. MC20 worked fine for me. I’m using the Mac version (have the Windows version too and the combined license but have not upgraded that one yet). They had listed a previous Mac version as “stable” on their site (also a Windows version with a higher number, well before the announcement you got (and I also got)) and I installed it at that point. I usually get suckered into buying the new version before it’s released and then wait until it’s supposedly stable. Not sure why I bother with upgrades other than the chance that the latest version is likely to be most compatible with the ever-evolving system software.

well last night I turned everything on and it worked first try. I played christmas songs all night and probably had one of the best listening sessions ever from the computer. Some relief for sure. Thank you for all your help and bear with me through this.