I am experimenting with streaming Spotify to my PWD MkII via Jamcast and the Bridge. It is working, but I wonder if the sound quality is as good as it could be. I have Spotify premium. On the display of the PWD, I see BitRate 16; Sample Rate 48000; File Type MP3. After checking the Jamcast website (http://getjamcast.com/Forum/yaf_postst706_Jamcast-streaming-bitrate.aspx#post3668), I understand that Spotify sends decompressed PCM to the sound card. This is where Jamcast picks it up and sends it to the Bridge either in FLAC, WAV or MP3 format depending on what the Bridge asks for. MP3 would obviously be the wrong choice for sound quality, but this is what seems to have been selected. Is there a better way to do this?



I have to confess that I never used Jamcast, but have you tried configure Jamcast to output wav stream to the Bridge instead of MP3 ?


Solved it! There was a control in Jamcast that I had missed. See https://getjamcast.com/Forum/yaf_postsm6656_Streaming-lossless-quality.aspx#post6656


Thanks! UI added this valuable information to our FAQ section.