JRiver has updated JRemote for iOS10!

stevem2 said Good to hear, except the last bit. It's always something.
The nice thing about the BHK preamp is the headphone jack. That let me determine if the problem was in the amp or the pre. Turns out everything sounded fine on the headphones for about an hour, so that wasn't the problem. So I cleaned the tube socket contacts, and that seemed to clear things up. The system has been running fine for about 2 hours, so that was most likely the problem. (I had used some tube contact cleaner and protectant before word got out not to use it for this very reason, so there may have been some residual protection goo that affected throughput a bit.)

Anyway, I’m all good.


Glad it was something simple.

Another old thread I’m bringing back. I love the combination of JRiver/JRemote. My frustration with the JRiver folks was their lack of effort put into JRemote. For those that don’t know the story, JRiver bought the app from a developer who went by the name of Les Paul. They then hired Les Paul to work on the app. Something happened and Les quit shortly after being hired. JRemote was in limbo for a very long time. The only time updates were completed was if an iOS update crashed the program. Even then it would take weeks to fix and they always seemed reluctant to work on the app. To make matters worse, JRiver started developing a browser based controller called Panel. Panel in my opinion, compared to JRemote, is a non-starter. The whole topic was frustrating for those of us fully invested in the product.

Well it looks like love is being shown to JRemote. Two updates have recently been released and more are on the way. This is good news for those of us that enjoy the flexibility of JRiver and the beauty of the controller JRemote. My library can be made to look and function anyway I choose. Thought some here would like to know.


Are the updates automatic or do I need to take some action?

Thanks in advance.

[Edit: I have v.3.26]


I have an iPhone and iPad so it’s the usual iDevice app update process.

IPhone, here…you showing v3.26 as the latest/greatest…?

I’ve got JRemote on iPhone and iPad and they are both ver 3.27.


Thank you.

3.27 some nice improvements…auto rotate of assets!

And, thank you too.


I had to delete the app (v3.26) and grab the latest version from the App. Store…

Always have kept JRiver/JRemote and used it as my main playback choice as I like the SQ better than Roon’s actually. Using 3.27 aws.

Thanks for the info. I would have loved if assets were flipable now…

Do you also have the problem that DSD tracks are disrupted for a second always ~5 seconds before their end?

I have this about since the mast bridge update.

I haven’t noticed. I’ll pay more attention next time I play DSD.

Are there any benefits to upgrading to MC24 from MC22 in terms of Audio only application, it seems most of the changes are centered in other application areas, any improvement in SQ?


FYI, 3.28 was recently released. Fixes PDF assets on iPads. This was a bug I experienced. It was a problem on my iPad and not iPhone.