Junior - Display Nomenclature / Contents / Dictionary?



Is there a list of what can display on the Junior Screen? Both stream information and other connection codes etc…

I am playing some files that show: “PCM 48K 80” what is this 80 (a big 80)? This question then triggered my desire to see a catalog of outputs.

Thanx so much,
Bruce in Philly


Just checking are you talking about the display when the Bridge is in use or otherwise.
There’s a configuration option (you’ll have to press the button many times :slight_smile: ) which let’s you pick the top level screen when the bridge isn’t being used. One of the selections “focuses” on the current volume, so that’s big and things like sample rate, etc, are much smaller. The other IRC shows the format information bigger. The one confusing thing is that the format information is the default when the volume is 100 (since many people never change the volume at 100.)


Using USB only. Volume at 100. Seeing “PCM 48K 80” what is this big 80?

Thanx, suggest the engineers put a manual together on the display output.

Bruce in Philly


I don’t know what the 80 could be, perhaps a screen shot would make it obvious.


Thanx Ted… it will have to wait… we had a big power failure here in the Philly burb’s. Armegeddon outside. Wife is stuck in Center City as trains stopped… trees down everywhere. I am sharpening a knife I had stashed… gotta drop and skin a caribou before nightfall. Every man for himself.

Bruce in Philly


EEK! :astonished:


Stay out of Philly for a while Elk.


Excellent advice.

More seriously, take care everyone on the East coast. It looks to be dreadful out there.


OK, back on line… power was out for two days!!! House temps when down to 47 degrees.

So… Apologies first… the “80” was the volume level… yes I am stupid. But that raises another question or observation. I am an old IT guy… we used to call it data processing when I got into it… so I know users of IT are dopes. But I am really don’t believe I touched that knob… I know, you heard that before…

But… the power failure we had… the power was ping-ponging and I was getting voltage sags… did the power problems screw with the unit?

I powered the unit off with the rear switch fearing a surge when the power came back… the TrippLite should protect regardless.

Where I live, we have power problems whenever we have a storm… so I have my stereo (and the Junior) on a TrippLite filter and voltage regulator… it is a small unit common in data centers. I usually turn of everything to protect it… but … the sages were coming when the wind started… I know there was sags because the TrippLite relays were constantly tripping and my wife complained of lights dimming. It was after we had some of these I noticed the “80”. Coincidence?

Still, I would love a catalog of what can be displayed on this Junior.

Thanx Ted for your help.

Bruce in Philly


There is a known problem with either the control processor or the bridge (I don’t remember which) that bashes the volume to 80. So that sounds like you got bit with that. The Jr is more sensitive to brownouts than the Sr so I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if one of them didn’t cause the problem. If anything gets flaky after a brownout, turn the unit off for a while (say > 20 seconds) and then turn it back on.