Kimber Kable Bifocal XL 7ft pair full range

Kimber Kable Bifocal XL 7ft pair full range

Feel free to ask any question.

Price lower

Still for sale if anyone has any questions

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Sales bump

These can be sent to Kimber to be bi wired if you needed. Not sure what they would charge. But it’s an opton.

Sales bump for a great cable pair.


New lower price

Bump for sale

What cable are you using on your 20.7?

How old are these cables?

Best guess. 6 years old? I have owned for 2 years or more. Kimber Kable would help with this. Serial #'s are listed in ad.

Kimber for now. Waiting on MG Audio Planus IV to arrive

Sales bump


Best price for PSA fans. PM me

Really not currently in my upgrade budget, but I can’t help but ask:

How far apart are (what is the spread of) the connecting leads?

My XPA-1 (Gen 1) mono amplifiers speaker terminals are 13" apart.

In any event, GLW.

I had those very same amps. Custom terminated is the only way to use cables on those amps. Dumb set up IMO from EMO on that one. Sorry not even close. About 6"