Kimber Kable Bifocal XL 7ft pair full range

Whew! Too bad. :smirk:

Thanks for the reply.


Since you have moved on, do you still recall your time with the XPA-1โ€™s favorably. Looking for a little salve for my audiophile upgradeitis/psychosis. My current โ€œplanโ€ for my system is based on keeping my amps and speakers (Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference 3.1โ€™s) constant and upgrading around them. It would take a pretty good shove (and I am guessing a lot of money) to get me to swap out one of these two key pieces of kit. So, do you/did you consider the XPA-1โ€™s as great performers not easily bested?


Yeah, a challenging quirk for sure. I use Anti Cable speaker cables for the main inputs on the Ref. 3.1โ€™s, since they are more or less single runs of cable, intertwined.

Yes they are nice amps for the little money. I moved to from those to a BHK 250 then currently BHK 300โ€™s.

Parasound JC-1โ€™s are a great amp too!