Kimber Kable USB cable F/S [sold]

Offering a .5M USB cable - Kimber Select 2416. Original cost US$425.

This is a half-meter high-purity copper USB cable in might-as-well-be-new condition in its original protective case - about two months old. USB-A plug at the source end and USB-B at the other.

This cable fully meets USB specs and works well with the DirectStream DAC - all four lines are connected - it is not a so-called “audiophile” cable that disconnects the ground wire. There are no RF choke rings that blunt the leading edge of the signal, because the cable itself is properly shielded.

To quote Kimber Kable:
A four wire braid incorporating large-gauge, Vari-strand conductors is used for the 5VDC power feed and is geometrically isolated from the solid core signal conductors. RF isolation, DC resistance and signal integrity are improved through the braided design.

Additional performance benefit is derived from careful use of different types of shielding - layers of aramid fibers, tinned copper and conductive carbon effectively shield better than a single material can.

Termination of cable to connector is given as much attention as the actual cable construction. Copper foil encapsulates all the conductors, the shielding and the connector as it is inserted into an ebony headshell.

Bottom line is that it sounds really good.

Asking $200, includes USPS Priority Mail to Continental US only. Questions or PayPal to rwzehr at gmail dot com