Kimber Kable USB Select KS-2426 F/S [sold]

A Kimber Kable’s well-reviewed silver hybrid USB - 2426HB = .5M of pure silver signal lines, high-purity copper ground and shield. A considerable step up from the KS-2416.

“As you might expect, the KS2426HB seems to blend the finest qualities of the CU and AG cables. The hybrid displays a very natural, unforced balance with no portion of the frequency spectrum making itself noticeable or prominent above the rest. There is, it seems, a place for everything and everything appears to be in that place. The HB sounds as though it it is keeping a relentless grip on the signal and making sure that a laudable sense of order and control prevails throughout its presentation. As a result it is hard to focus on the sound as one’s attention is shifted very firmly to the music or other content.”

Original cost US$582. Asking US$350, including USPS Priority mail to US addresses only. Questions or PayPal to rwzehr at gmail dot com