Lampizator Level 5 Generation 4 DAC Dual Mono Power Supply -FACTORY WARRANTY


Latest Edition Lampizator Level 5 Generation 4 DAC with FACTORY WARRANTY.

Black Edition. Link to photos:

List Price: $9500.00 (includes S&H from Poland)


DAC plays every current resolution from Redbook to 24/192 and includes DSD both 64 and 128.

DAC was purchased in December 2013 and comes with a 5 year transferable warranty. Lampizator has their own factory certified repair facility right here in the USA!.

This Lampizator Level 5 DAC goes well beyond the stock version with the following FACTORY INSTALLED options:

1) Balanced Output- With Double (4) Dueland Capacitors

2) DSD 64 and 128 - with the unique circuit Lukasz developed. Does not change DSD to PCM before playing. This DAC plays native DSD.

3) Remote Volume Control Preamplifier: Use as a remote controlled tube preamplifier as well as a tube DAC. This preamp able drive any amplifier even when using long interconnects.


5) Outputs- Balanced XLR and Single Ended

All original packing materials included!

Reviews & Specs:

Lampizator Main Site:

DAC Level 5 Explained:

Dueland Capacitor Option:

Volume Option:

Price List:


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That is a good DAC and good price

I have one now for comparison listning purposes.



@ALRAINBOW You own this Level 5 DAC? Interesting. Do you have any photos especially of the back tag?


Great DAC at a great price Chris. If only it was the 230V version, I would be quite interested.



I am sure we can have it converted for you by the USA authorized service center. Let me check cost - no obligation.


I owned a Level 5, Gen 3, and preferred the PWD. Better resolution, bass, bigger spacious presentation.

I bought my Lampi directly from Lukasz, who also assembled the unit.

Just my 2 cents,



@bene Moving up to the Lamp DAC Level 7. That is the reason the Level 5 is for sale.

Aside from the Bridge, my only real issue with the PWD2 is no Native DSD capability. I have little doubt that PM will deal with DSD when he introduces the PWD3,


I would sell the lampi and hold out for a little while on a lampi.

Also the new 7 is a 1 box solution.

I have your DAC at my office now.

Going to start listening today with speakers

And headphones. The one I have is just upgraded and in the new large box format

But single ended. And the gen4 lev 4 was improved for me in two ways.

One was the offramp 5. And the second was the P5 in multi

The USB can improved upon with the offramp as the pwd does also. So I am waiting for a next level USB DAC

And try that out first. The new l 7 is about 8 to 10 all in

And as of now I am considering a preamp as well.



@ALRAINBOW Post some snaps for us!


@birddogthecat: I really would like to listen to the Level 7. Lukasz makes excellent DACs. However I don’t like his product policy. So many upgrades, so many new versions. When you buy a new unit, it is obsolet in just a few months, because the next level/Gen is going to be published.

I was wondering that I clearly preferred the PWD to the Lampi 5 Gen 3, since everybody raves about the Lampis. It wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t my cup of tea.

However, good luck selling it! Your asking price is fair and your unit is well equipped, much better than mine was.


I will post a pics later today.

It’s some crazy three color unit.

It does have a south sound though

Today I will do a really good comparison

But I do like pwd with the offramp better.

But not with headphones only with speakers

Also this sample one came with a remote

And extra set of tubes.

And I do agree the lampi moves fast.

But you can send it in for upgrades.

The one I have has the new upgrade with the caps removed

And a dual psu.

As they sound good but I have not herd anything beat my reference DAC





A 3 color Lamipzator DAC Level 5 Gen 4?! That sounds peculiar…borders on incredible.

Still looking forward to the photos - especially of the back designation label.


Ok I just got home . Doing it now .it is but ugly LOL



Bottom is level 4 middle is level 5

Attached files


Top plastic

Sides are wood

Attached files


Middle is level5

Attached files