LANRover and DSD128 issues

Hi Paul @adminpaul

I’m unable to get DSD128 over PCM playing at my desktop setup with my Chord Mojo - it stutters and then after a while static. DSD64 over PCM is no problem.

This is failing with a direct connection to the PC (not over network).

To make sure it’s not my Dac or PC or software (Roon) I remove the LANRover and have the Mojo connected to the PC with the same cables and DSD128 over PCM is no problem for my PC and Mojo.

There’s really nothing left to try because there’s no software or drivers to install with the LANRover.

As mentioned it’s not a Dac issue or Roon issue or PC issue because when the LANRover DSD128 over PCM is fine.

DSD64 and DSD128 files are from and I also tested the same with Roon up-sampling to those rates with no luck.

Is this a case of just bad luck? The LANRover website and manual says double rate DSD is supported but I’ve seen some people affected with different compatibility issues with the LANRover - probably a very small percentage but that doesn’t help those affected like myself.


I know the LANRover works with double rate and haven’t seen this problem. But your troubleshooting skills are excellent and it sure looks that way. Let me see if Jeremy or Dave can chime in.


Please tell us about your PC. If it is a Windows machine you may have a little luck in setting the sample rate to a higher setting in the sound window / advanced tab. Then remove exclusivity mode and give it a try. If you have a MAC you can change the sample rate in the Audio MIDI page. You’ll want to set it to the highest available sample rate for your DAC in each case. If you continue to have trouble please contact us directly at:

(720) 406-8946 ext 2


  • Jeremy

Thanks Jeremy @jbretey

I use Windows 10 Pro (Surface Pro 4). I use the ASIO driver with my office desktop Dac (recommended with the Mojo).

I can’t change any of these ASIO settings in Windows. You can only adjust the WASAPI settings I think.

I’ve even tried uninstalling the ASIO driver and reinstalling but as mentioned, with no LANRover in the chain double rate DSD over PCM is fine with my Dac + Roon + PC.

I just got my LANRover today, and it is working fine doing DSD128. I am using JRiver on a Win10 machine, and upsampling everything to DSD128, and it is working fine. It is connected into my home LAN as well, so going through switches, router, pulling music off the NAS, etc. All works great so far. I am using the PS Audio driver and WASAPI. There are updated Win10 2.0 audio drivers, but I haven’t tried those yet.

I hope you can figure everything out!

On a related question, does anyone have thoughts about if upsampling to DSD or 2xDSD makes any difference? I am using the PS Audio Nuwave DSD DAC.


Update…I tried running iTunes w/o Amarra and with the LR installed Audio MIDI doesn’t show my DAC. The DAC shows up when the LR is removed.

This is weird. When I first got the LR, I had no problems. I unplugged some things on my stereo rack (to rearrange), and after rebooting the Mac Mini this all started.

I’ll call in on Wednesday.