Laptop Network Hook Up - Need Help

I have had the DS JR and DMP since the first of the year I would like to stream Tidal, will this work?


As of now, there are a few options for streaming Tidal directly to the DSJ.

The easiest being to use the laptop and stream it via USB directly.

This isn’t the best option because USB isn’t great for audio transmission, and we want to utilize that Bridge II.

In order to do this, you’ll need to use Tidal through Roon. We don’t have the licencing to stream Tidal directly to the Bridge quite yet, but we are expecting a Bridge update that will allow for this soon.

I use Tidal through Roon into my Bridge II with a little headphone rig here at my desk all day, and it sounds terrific!

As far as your networking diagram goes, we highly suggest that you go hardwired through out the entire system. The less repeaters and switches you have in between the router and Bridge the better. Going router directly to Bridge with a CAT 6 cable is ideal!

No problem to stream Tidal through the Bridge, no need for a laptop if you use an Android phone or tablet with BubbleUpnp. Select the Bridge as renderer in BubbleUpnp and off you go!

The next Bridge update will allow us to stream mqa

Hi, if going through the USB connection you don’t need Roon. I didn’t see mention of a player, so if you are using Roon already then of course use it.

But if no Roon, you can use the Tidal player. It is a strange beast, sometimes I get excellent sound, especially with the partial unfolding of MQA. Right now I am listening to Rod Stewart’s complete collection of standards, I am in another room, and even being 16/44 it is impressive. Other times I find the sound to be acceptable for casual listening only. I don’t know if it has to do with how many people are accessing their player, or the particular music. The player itself has some problems with navigation. Like you can’t add to the queue, once you start playing, it will put in in as the next tracks. But, once you get used to it, not too much of a problem. And it will hang up when going from MQA to 16/44 or the other way around, I forget. It just takes a tap on the forward arrow. Frustrating when you program a bunch of files and are not near the PC. That one could be just on my end, combination of ??DAC and driver.

They claim 30,000 tracks now in MQA, but good luck finding them all. They are still showing the same files in “What’s New” that were there 6months ago. That will be a minor issue, no matter what player you use. I think for Roon you still have to save files as “Favorites” to get them over to Roon, if this is wrong, hopefully a Roon user will correct me.

Thanks All,

Yes I can have a ethernet cable hooked directly to the JR so i will tray the directions that wijber linked which I did try one time but my Comcast router kept loosing connection and the fact that I am computer network unworthy. I think I was using the Tidal app not Bubble never got anything to play

I’ve heard from a few customers that got lucky with Bubble and were able to stream Tidal direct, but it’s not very robust.

The few that are able to make it work get a lot of drop outs, and various connectivity issue.


My thought is the Bridge is designed to work this way, don’t think it’s luck…

Bridge II hooked up straight to my Netgear Nighthawk router with 50 feet cheap ethernet cable and without fixed IP-adress for years. Using BubbleUpnp (Android) and mConnect - mControl / mControlHD - (Apple Ipad) as control point. Always worked like a charm, very stable and never drop outs, even streaming Qobuz 24 bit Hi-Res!!

Last couple of months putting my new Melco N1ZS10 in between (straight to the router) and using his purified ethernet output for the Bridge (Melco delivering IP) with a short Audioquest Diamond ethernet cable. No issues whatsoever.

btw…last months mConnect (Ipad) doesn’t play Tidal to the Bridge anymore, getting the message ‘selected device does not support Tidal’ when selecting Bridge as renderer. After the next Bridge update I suppose all will be well, mqa authenticated blush_gif