Latest Firmware by Product

Hello PS Audio,

Do you provide one page where a user of your products can see the latest firmware per product?

I know you have a Downloads page but it is not as helpful when the downloads have names instead of versions and does not seem to have firmware for PS Audio’s current products.

The Downloads page could be a good starting point if you could then add a folder per product with the firmware listed from newest to oldest.

It would make it easier for users to quickly check to see if their products were on the latest version.

Just trying to help,


I have been trying to get Paul to do that for years!


I wasn’t aware of this. You must not have been trying very hard.blush_gif Or I have been ignoring you. Or both.

I’ll have to think about that. It seems overly complicated. One page for each product? Really?

The downloads page would do fine, but with a clear order/labeling.

Not one of my specialties. :slight_smile:

Ordering through tabs or sections? I agree it’s gotten big an unwieldy.

If a page/tab per product is too much, perhaps a page/tab for Power Products and page/tab for Audio Products. That will cut the clutter some. Also use the name of the product first (which you have done) and then sort alphabetically. That way all the DS are in a row, all the PWD are in a row, etc. Would also help to have a description with release date so you know what you are getting. The “Bridge II Fix” file is a good example of needing more information.

I can confirm I stumbled over the same thing (no clear overview, what’s the latest available version and when a download chanched).

Would be enough in my opinion if you could just tell the kind of download (i.e. bridge Firmware, not “Bridge update”), latest version and the date when it was released and categorize a bit clearer by product for better overview. Thanks!

A simple start might be a text file that lists all products and software updates with a brief description in reverse chronological order. It wouldn’t take long to update the list whenever something new gets posted.

WOW, my comment is generating more responses than I thought it would so I thought I could expand on my idea by creating the attached worksheet to show what I was was trying to say.

I have created a zip file from the original xls file since the xls will not upload.