Legacy Audio Marquis XD Speaker/PS Audio M700 and some extras

I am selling my Marquis XD center channel and PS Audio M700 that powers it. This combination is phenomenal and there isn’t much out there that can touch this center channel. The reason I am selling is that I am changing my front stage up, so this is a chance to get a good deal on a killer combo.

Some details:

-Converted from an HD to XD so that it would match my Aeris(previously used with my Focus SE).

  • Comes with grilles, not something you normally see

  • Black Pearl finish

  • Has a couple small surface blemishes under bottom, purely cosmetic

The M700 supplies 700 watts of power(at 4 ohms) to it and it’s a great match.

I will also include a WireWorld Aurora 7 2M power cable and bi-wire Morrow Audio cable as well for the right deal. so you are getting a couple nice upgrades for nothing.

This combo retails for over $6k and I am asking $3,850/obo for the combo. If you want to speaker by itself, I am asking $2,950/obo and $900 for the PS Audio M700.

I have the boxes and packing for the speaker and amp.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Weekend bump/price drop…willing to take $3500(picked up but can assist with delivery within 150 miles of DC for that price)… also see pic to get idea of it’s size compared to my Legacy Aeris…she’s 38" wide so it will be a big sound!

Great speakers…are you using the Wavelet processor/preamplifier? (can’t quite make it out in the picture)

I have considered grabbing one to use with my non-Legacy speakers for room/speaker correction.

I am using the Wavelet in this pic as the crossover/room correction…I have a BHK Preamp running front end duties and a DSD DAC …

Would you be inclined to say it’s good or great at room correction?

I currently use Anthem/ARC. It’s great, IME. But, my AVM 50 v2 is getting a bit long in the tooth.

Thanks in advance.

Scottie1, I am also using a pair of Legacy Audio Aeris speakers with Marquis center speaker. I am using the Wavelet for room correction on the Aeris Left and right fronts. It does not have the ability to calibrate any other speakers in your system, just the left and right channels. I will say that it works extremely well with Aeris speakers and I only use it for room correction in my system.

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I use the wavelet for correction for the aeris and then run audyssey for al the others…then run the the BHK preamp in HT bypass…works quite well…considering going to a better HT processor soon…possibly an ACT 4 or the MP60

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Bump $3300 for local pick up/delivery within 150 miles of DC…feel free to contact me at 1-703-795-7191 with any questions.

Bump for a great set-up for a steal of a price!

Thanksgiving bump! Price lowered to $3200 for the holiday (picked up or delivered within reasonable distance from DC metro)…

SOLD and delivered!