Lightning strike

Recently a thunderstorm came through, fairly typical for the summer season , stinking hot then a thunderstorm . This one was very local and the lightning was generally cloud to cloud , spider web I believe it’s called , the last bit of lightning was cloud to ground, and pretty well overhead, the result being one LAN port on the modem router nonfunctional, the Internet over the power line device in the next room nonfunctional and also the Melco N1Z music storage device copped it and luckily not the DS DAC which is piggy backed on to the Melco . I quizzed the service tech that replaced the modem / router , he’d spent all of his day replacing modem routers , as to what could be done to prevent such things happening again , he had no suggestions . Anyone have a solution to this problem ? I believe Belkin have a power Block that has a couple of Ethernet ports but I don’t know that I would want to plug my gear into that .



BHK pre , BHK 250 power amp , DS DAC , PWT , Melco N1Z , Synology NAS , P5 Power regen . , Avid Diva SP 2 , SME 309 , Lyra Delos , ASR phono stage , Consensus Lightnings speakers . ( what a joke )

Could this work? It is using two fiber media converters to basically isolate your Ethernet line. At one point it is just light over fiber. The only thing is both converters would need to be plugged into something lightning safe.

Thankyou Veneet , that looks promising .