Line EMI Monitor

Using a Line EMI Monitor …
My Audio dedicated Mains outlet shows a 160 mVp-p at 234 VAC.
Is that result consider to be "Clean Mains Power " ?

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As an aside, where are you (ref other threads discussing mains voltage)?

Don’t understand the question. sorry

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If UK roughly where in the country? Thanks :slight_smile:
I’m In North west UK and consistently get the high 240s, which had caused me some issues with EU grey import kit (resolved now) so I’m always interested in what voltage people receive and where.

Same VAC.

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Many thanks, and I expect someone will answer your original question later when more of the Americans wake up :slight_smile:

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And had their coffee… then thinking caps begin to work!!

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In my house, I have a dedicated line from the power junction to the Audio mains output.

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Nice :slight_smile:
I haven’t gone that far yet, would like to but UK houses running cables means replastering and decorating so I’ll give that a miss until it happens anyway for some larger reason (if at all).

If I lived alone of course I would just have a very heavy duty cable running along the floor straight from the Consumer Unit, but I don’t think my wife would appreciate that :smiley:

Those meters are measuring noise on the line that frankly isn’t very important to sound quality IMHO. Yes, you can probably lower that figure by a bit, but the damage you inflict with most passive power conditioners to remove the 160mv of noise is almost always worse than the noise which gets filtered out anyway in the power supply.

The problems with power are rarely the small amount of noise riding on the line. The problems are dynamic regulation (changes in voltage from the dynamic demands of your equipment), sine wave purity (keeping the peak of the sibe wave intact so the capacitors inside your unit charge properly) and keeping generated noise from the equipment itself from polluting other equipment tied in at the same time.


Thanks very much indeed !!!