Listen to my friend's new EP please?

Decided to put it in a new topic (instead of the “Now Playing”)

afternoon all :slight_smile:

favour to ask for those who stream -

please give this a listen, good friend of mine has just released an EP, songs based on acoustic guitar with lots of pop production too. she’s a fan of the Finns, amongst others.

i just got a CD in the post today and i’m enjoying it, i’d be interested in opinions!

edit to add, this is a “bedroom studio” production, just like Billie Eilish’s album, though a rather different style!


Very good voice and really nice guitar work!!

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thanks, and yes she is an excellent guitarist :slight_smile:

Excellent work on her part; I enjoyed the Blue Sky track.

Who did the art work?

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i think my faves are the first two, and some of the rhymes are inspired in the lyrics :slight_smile:

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I was going to ask this too, the artwork is very nice indeed.

Congratulations to her, no easy thing to produce an album.

the artwork is her own (with some help from her partner)

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Wow, seriously talented!