loading Torreys

This is loaded via the SD card, right? i.e.: Shut down DSD, remove SD card, delete/save current files on SD, then download new Torreys files to said SD card, install SD card in DSD, and then fire up the DSD…Do I have this right? I recall following different/multiple procedures to upgrade firmware; I may be confusing the Bridge firmware updates (is that when you type in the Bridge IP Address and log onto the PS Audio landing page??)…Duh! Let this be a lesson to you young whipper-snapper audiophiles; staying at the party too long (in life) can cause irreversible brain dumbingshaking-head-no-smiley-emoticon_gif

Ben, that’s right for upgrading the DS. The procedure for Bridge updates has changed, though, for Bridge II. Bridge II does not have a webpage and is only updated via the DS (or PWD) from panel.

Oh good…That makes it easy! Thank you Steve.

So, can I assume my DSD/BridgeII will ‘automatically’ let me know when there is an update? I guess I should check to see!!

Cheers! beer_gif

The DS will show a Bridge update is available when it is but you have to press the network icon to the right of the home icon on the normal Bridge screen to check. I’m sure Paul will announce it both here and on Paul’s Posts.