Logo keeps blinking when upgrading firmware. Nothing happens!

Upgrading to Direct Stream I inserted firmware card. Logo is blinking for half an hour. Nothing Happens. Please help!

Firmware card came with upgrade kit.

OK, more details please.

Is this the DS upgrade kit for the PWD? If so, I think this happened to me also when I didn’t plug in a cable properly. Once I powered off, plugged in the cable on the DS board and powered back on all was well.

Also, make sure the contacts on the SD card are facing up toward the top of the unit.

Yes it is from DS upgrade kit. The SD card. I did plug it the right way. I tried many many times. It keeps on blinking permanently. Nothing is on display. No music nothing. Just blinking logo.

upgradex said

Yes it is from DS upgrade kit. The SD card. I did plug it the right way. I tried many many times. It keeps on blinking permanently. Nothing is on display. No music nothing. Just blinking logo.

Hi upgradex,

It is possible that there is a firmware corruption in the display assembly.

The update kit comes with a bootloader firmware to update the bootloader.

Please reach out to us directly at service@psaudio.com and I will provide you with a copy of the files modified to forceload.

If this does not address the issue we can discuss getting you a replacement display assembly.

I’ll keep my eye out for your response.


  • Jeremy

Hello Jeremy,

I did send a couple of messages to you and Dennis directly now. Please notice that I have not yet installed any hardware from Direct Stream upgrade yet. I only tried to upgrade the software from SD card included in the kit. It is because I already have bridgeII on board and it was advised in the manual to update bridge software BEFORE I start installing hardware.

when using Mconnect or Fling they say the bridgeII is online.

but the power on logo still blinking and the display shows nothing as if some upgrading was still in process.

Thank you very much for your help and attention.

Best regards.


From the manual it looks like you do not use the SD card to update the bridge:
Important: If your DAC is equipped with a bridge, be sure to install bridge
update version 2.15 or higher before
beginning the disassembly process.
Bridge Update Procedure
Starting from the bridge screen on your
PWD MK1 or MK2, navigate to the network
setup screen by pressing: the home icon,
then the green edit button on the bridge
input selection line, then the network icon.
Write down the IP address listed.
At a computer that is on the same local
area network, open a web browser, and in
the address line, type in the IP address fo
r the PWD. This will take you to the web
page for the PWD.
Select “Web Upgrade”. Copy and paste th
is link into the upgrade path field:
Click on “Upgrade Firmware”.
The upgrade process may take up to 30 minutes depending on your network
connection speed.


Remove the SD card and try and boot up the PWD. Does it boot?

If yes, follow the instructions to upload the Bridge firmware, above.

If the PWD does not boot then the memory is corrupted and you’ll have to start over. First, go to a computer and get an SD card reader that will let your computer access the files on the SD card. Create a new folder called “DS firmware” Take all of the files that are in your SD card’s root directory and drag them into the new folder “DS firmware.” After you’re sure you’ve done this, delete all the files in the root directory of the SD card if it hasn’t done so already.

Go to this link: http://www.psaudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/11-054-01-X-FMC-138.zip and get the PWD 3.03 boot files. Copy all of those onto the SD card, making sure they’re not zipped or in any other folder other than the root directory. Insert the SD card into the PWD, contacts up. The system should read that card and in a few minutes reboot.

Update the Bridge II firmware per the above instructions.

Once you’re sure the Bridge II is updated, change the PWD hardware to the DS per the instructions. Make sure all the cables are installed correctly.

Before inserting the SD card back into the now-modified DS, delete the PWD files you installed previously for the PWD 3.03 boot files, then copy all the files from the folder “DS Firmware” back into the root directory of the SD card.

Then insert the SD card into the DS and let it boot.