Long Shot Question


I’ve recently come into possession of a Klyne Audio Arts SK-5 preamp. I did not receive a manual with the purchase.

I am having trouble with the phono settings (a series of dip switches on the board) the Klyne website is no help, a google search also came up empty!

I believe Stan Klyne is retired or passed away, limited info on web.

Does anyone own one of these preamps and has a manual or are familiar enough with the SK-5 and able to help with a little guidance?

Was built in 1984 and the line stage sounds ridiculously good…I would like to hear this very well thought of phono stage matched to my cart; Ortofon quintet blue, mc, 0.05 mv output.

Thanks, happy listening…


SK-2 and SK-1 but may be helpful. Message is from 2016 and apparently this chap got a reply so it’s worth an email to confirm this info.

Thanks, I’ll check it out!

Emails to Klyne Audio have gone un-answered and # on website goes direct to voicemail…

Thanks again!

Look here:

These are supposed to be the same for all models.

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