Long-Term CD Storage

Hi experts!

What’s are people currently doing for long-term CD storage? I’m well on my way to re-ripping all of my CDs in AIFF. When done, I’d like to reduce their footprint and pack them away long-term.

I’ve heard mixed and conflicting reviews of binder pages, Tyvex sleeves, as well as the idea of separating artwork from CDs due to the acid used in printing.

I’ve seen some interesting archival binder pages, but they cost over a $1 per CD… with around 3000 CDs, not an interesting or fun purchase!

Any advice would be great!


Sorry not to be able to help you -I myself am helpless. I have an entire storey (!) of my house dedicated to the instruments, cabling, tweaks, music memorabilia, CD’s and vinyl that I don’t use. My wife will put all this stuff out in the street one day, I’m sure :slight_smile:

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I use a 36" x 30" x 18" black Techline storage cabinet with full drawer extensions that holds 750 CDs, label end up. Not cheap, but your library should be well worth it. Side by side and stacked four cabinets could hold 3,000 CDs in a 6ft wide by 5ft high by 1.5ft deep space, but would be very heavy. Not sure the company still exists, but similar products should be available.

Of course another option would be to backup your files on an external drive that you could store remotely. I ended up being a backup maniac, have my library stored on iMac and MacBook Air, with Time Machine backups and older external HDs stored in a safety deposit box plus still having the physical CDs.

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Amazon sells some cd storage boxes. I have bought about 10 of them, but my collection is not as large as yours. Might want to just take a peek and see if it will work. They are smaller, but you can move them.

Here is an rather cheap option to the Can Am style

John, Just curious - what is the reason for re-ripping all of your CDs? Did you not use a lossless format previously?

Panostar, you are correct… I did a first pass along time ago (15 or so years), and they were unfortunately done in MP3.

jlm, I’m right there with you and backups… two local versions of my library, and one offsite using Acronis backup.

Sounds like people are storing them in their original cases?

If you go over to the Audiophile Style forum there are several relevant threads e.g.


At least you were smart enough to keep all of your CD’s. I ripped 'em all of mine into 320kbps with LAME encoding. While at the time, they seemed indistinguishable from their 1411kbps origin CD’s, I’m regretting it now. Storage wasn’t as cheap then (2003/2004) as it is now. I preserved my CD’s onto DVD+R’s in case the hard drive ever got corrupted. I recouped a lot of those CD’s either as SACD’s/DVD-A’s, HiRes
downloads, and a few “questionable” methods (but hey I did legally pay for those CD’s/music at one time either as store bought LP’s/Cassettes/CD’s.

But I did keep several CD’s that I knew would go up in value. Some go as far back as 1987 (Beatles original releases both U.S. and German stampings). All perfect ly playable and no special storage methods either.

Cardboard boxes filled with 100-disc cake boxes. Tossed the cursed Jewel boxes long ago, kept the books.

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I’m using several of these CD Flight cases, they aren’t super cheap but they are sturdy and well built: