Looking to share buy of 250' reel of AC wire (in wall metal jacket)

In my search for wire to make a dedicated AC run from my breaker box, I ran across a mention on another forum of a solid conductor wire called Super Neutral Cable.

It’s main benefit is touted as “Designed to minimize the effects of harmonic currents on the neutral conductors generated by non-linear loads - Features oversized neutral conductor.” (however the 10-2 I don’t believe is oversized.)

The minimum order is 250 feet and I only need 75 feet.

I’m looking for 1-3 people (US based) to take the remaining approximately 175 feet.

The cost is approximately $6 per foot plus shipping.

The outer armor diameter is 0.67 inches for the 10 gauge 2 wire. There is also a 10 guage 3 wire but I don’t believe it’s needed. I’m going to run it externally - can be used in wall or on wall- it’s rated for extrusions I believe.


Click on product information for specifics of the different configurations.

Please PM me or post here if you want me to email you.

The double neutral won’t be necessary at all if you run a dedicated circuit: hot and neutral. It’s only useful for networked circuits where two hots share a neutral supplying non-linear (switching mode power supplies, electronic ballasts, etc.) loads. If code allows BX in your area, just buy a box of three wire #10 AWG (American Wire Gauge), BX (FMC - Flexible Metal Conduit, as defined by the National Electrical Code) at Home Depot.

Just looked it up 10/3x125’ is $142.07.

10/3 BX - Home Depot

BTW: The 3rd wire is a ground. The metal armor can be used as ground in some situations but not all. Typically limited in length. I recommend the three wire.

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