Loose power cable connection - Dectet

I am using the PS Audio Dectet Power Center with D5 cables and the cable plugs are loose when plugged in to the Decet. I noticed it when I first plugged everything in it but figured…as long as it works.

Yesterday I noticed my sub was not working. The weight of the cable dipping sideways caused the plug to come out enough so that the sub was not getting electricity.

Is there a way to tighten these up?..Some kind of jerry rig, or replacing the outlets within the Decet?

I am regretting not immediately contact you on this but you know how it is waiting for equipment and then thinking of packing it up and sending it off again.



It may be the cable ends are not to spec? I am using Audio Quest NRG-Y3 power cords and they are all tight in the Dectet sockets both from the wall and to the components. Also the power cords that originally came with the PS Audio components fit tight into the sockets and wall connection.

I will check the other connections…and maybe contact Cust Serv

Thank you,