Lost bridge in the DS dac can't recover

All has been running great with my bridge & the DS. After running the ds from my NuWave Phono on HDMI last night I can’t get to the Bridge on the menu to play music.

I tried the bridge recovery but it did not bring up the bridge. I can access the bridge from my network and all shows up ok. I tried to upgrade the FW of the bridge from my pc but to no avail.

I have got this message back on my pc.

The device will reboot automatically when done…

TRACE: upgrade.c[450]:-w option and argument = /tmp/upload_file TRACE: upgrade.c[458]:-t option and argument = 3 TRACE: upgrade.c[182]:write image to flash - method type 3 TRACE: upgrade.c[74]:delimiter size=46 TRACE: upgrade.c[105]:pos of data=159 TRACE: upgrade.c[202]:delim sz= 46 TRACE: upgrade.c[210]:image_size= 13369344 TRACE: upgrade.c[213]:buf=256 TRACE: upgrade.c[232]:rdsize = 0 TRACE: upgrade.c[237]:imagesize=0 TRACE: upgrade.c[74]:delimiter size=46 TRACE: upgrade.c[105]:pos of data=159 TRACE: upgrade.c[278]:delim sz= 46 TRACE: upgrade.c[286]:image_size= 13369344 TRACE: upgrade.c[289]:buf=256 TRACE: upgrade.c[317]:rdsize = 0 TRACE: upgrade.c[323]:imagesize=0

This is as far as it goes and nothing reboots. It is the same FW as was on the bridge so I assume that is the problem.

In the past I have run the recovery before I did my upgraded to the DS and all was ok.

Any help would be Great.


Found it but had to use the remote so back to music with the bridge. This is a first for me. Keep the remote handy & use it.

Noel, what exactly did you do? It may be helpful for the next user who comes along and sees this thread looking for help.

Thinking back I would guess it came up in the recovery process but I didn’t notice it as I had the input called BRIDGE and I was looking for that. After the recovery I did try to update the bridge from my PC and I do not know what happened there. I had another look for it on the dac but didn’t notice it but I had the remote there so I pushed the button and it was there which it would have been before that.

I ashume the recovery process got it back.

@bung99 can you remember if you have used 2GB USB or 2GB SD Card for the recovery please?

Hi maniac,

Thanks for posting. If you’re having trouble please reach out to us directly at service@psaudio.com

FYI the DSD DAC uses the SD card and the DSJ uses the USB memory stick.

If you are using a 2GB card you should be fine. The size of the card is restricted by the unit’s boatloader version. DSD DAC’s and PWD’s with a bootloader older than 1.12 require the 2GB (or smaller) version. Bootloader versions of 1.13 are able to index cards up to 32Gb. The DSJ can index a USB memory stick up to 32 Gb.

If you have any other questions or need assistance with anything just let us know.


  • Jeremy