Loudspeakers for sale

Hi all. This is going to be a bit of a different ad. I have a large set of loudspeakers that I am looking to find a new home for. These were built by myself and a good friend who has since passed away. To my ears and to a great number of others they are very fine sounding loudspeakers. They are very sensitive and will run at very decent sound levels with minimal amplification. I used to run them with two Sonic Frontiers SFS 40 stereo amps. These are set up to run with one stereo amp per side with the woofers crossed over at the outputs of the amp. As can be seen in the pics they are quite large and finished in a lovely hi density fibre board. (NOT wife friendly unfortunately) They would look fantastic with a nice automotive paint finish on them.

The drivers are Phoenix Woofers (4 per side) and Davis mids and Dynaudio Esotar tweeters in a D’Appolito config. There are spare woofers, some different mids and a spare set of tweeters in case you get too rowdy. There are also some extra coils, caps and resistors to play with crossover points etc.

I realize that being home built speakers they are worth very little on the market and I do not expect anything near the parts value nor what they are worth in comparison to a like sounding manufactured system. (A JMLab dealer that has listened to them some time ago preferred them to his Mezzo Utopia’s also run with Sonic Frontiers gear.

Anyway, enough rambling. What I do want to do with these is make sure that whoever gets them does not do something like cut them apart and use the woofers as subs in their 78 Impala, or their Shaggin Wagon van. That would break my heart. These are MUCH better than that. What I would prefer is that anyone interested take them, try them and then give me a $ number on what they think they are worth to them. Any money received will be given to my local Humane Society as a favorite charity of mine and also in honor of my friend who designed them.

The speakers are located in west central Minnesota and to reiterate are quite big and heavy. I’ll help any way I can to get these to a new owner…

Feel free to ask any questions at all and thanks for looking.