Lumin U1 Mini with DirectStream DAC

New Lumin U2 mini is out and it does pretty much all except i2s out and looks very tempting.Still no Qobuz connect but Internal upsampling to dsd256 etc and priced roughly around 2k.

Thank you! That is incredibly helpful information. I am not a fan of Tidal MQA, so I recently resubscribed to the Tidal HiFi option thinking that would be just what I wanted–just lossless CD quality files. However, I quickly learned that some of Tidal’s CD quality files are MQA files that are disabled from unfolding. I don’t like that. I just can’t get past the belief that the files have been tampered with and are not “pure.” I am sticking with Qobuz and it sounds like the best, most seamless Qobuz UI between the U1 Mini and the ZenMini MKIII is the Innuos product.

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I’d like to think you would be happy with Innuos, especially if you are a fan of Qobuz, and wish to side step the Roon Experience, as Innuos Sense is a pretty strong app.


You have summarized my position on this perfectly. I will be ordering the ZenMini in the next day or two.

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Look forward to hearing of your initial impressions.

One question about the ZenMini regarding its outputs: Can you connect the Toslink and coaxial outputs to two different DACs and then freely switch between the two? In other words, are all the outputs “hot?” What about the USB output? Can you connect the USB output as well as the the Toslink and coaxial and they will all be hot? (With the Lumin U1 Mini, if you use the USB output, the other non-USB outputs do not work.)

I suggest you contact Innuos Technical support. My Innuos Zenith Mk III feeds an Innuos Phoenix re-clocker via WWPS7 USB cables to a DAC also fed by WWPS7 USB cables. I have not bothered with Toslink or AES. Not having a Mini I’m uncertain as to its outputs or how they are configured.

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Sorry, for some reason I had convinced myself you had the ZenMini. My bad.

No problem what so ever. I look forward to hearing of your initial impressions with a Zen Mini.
The mini or the Zen are good places to start with Innuos. I’ll see if I can readily dig up Innuos’s customer service support email. Typical response is with 48 hours.

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I did not see a direct email for Innuos support, so I FB messaged them last Wednesday. They never responded. That’s a bit disappointing.

I sent you an email address that should work. I have no experience with contacting them via FaceBook.