M700 Binding Post Question

I am having a minor bit of trouble with my DIY terminated Kimber speaker cable and my new M700s. I have a set of 2x core 12VS biwire cables that I self-terminated with spades on both ends. The spade worked great with my old amp but the position and shape of the posts in the M700s is not a great match for the set up. I’m comfortable with redoing the terminations myself and can trim and cut the cable so I am looking for recommendations about amp terminating ends that can handle the very large size wire on the amp end.

What does the PSaudio crew use in Boulder for the M700’s?

I’ve noticed that the binding posts seem to be a fair bit “fatter” too so I couldn’t get the Spade connector perfectly centered unlike on my speakers.

I wonder if this is by design? Or maybe I’m screwing down the Spade wrong?

The inner part of the binding post is (perhaps surprisingly) an oval. It’s a bit tricky since you can’t really tell from looking at it. This might be why it seemed fatter than what you’re used to. Using an oval ensures a more secure fit and more surface area in contact with the spade.

If the binding post seems too fat one way, turn the cable to the narrow side of the oval and it should fit just fine.

Let me know if you continue having trouble with it.

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Ok. Thanks for the tip… Though I just decided to use Bananas on the amp end to rectify the situation. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s what I ended up going with and am happy with the connection and sound.