M700 Biwire: Shotgun or no?

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere but I did search a could find a clear answer.

The M700s have two sets of binding posts. I took a look at the manual and the recommendation for biwiring is a bit on the fence. There are obviously two routes: shotgun with a single connection at the amp and two and the speaker side or run the tweeters off one set of posts and the woofers off the the other set.

I’m going to be using my M700s when I get then ordered and shipped with Vandersteen 3’s that very much like biwiring. Which configuration is recommended? I’d like to plan ahead so that I can use the shotgun style that I have or reconfigure with direct connections from the two posts.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

What you have now is fine just use one set of binding posts.

You can use both sets of posts, or just a pair. Try it both ways. They are connected I believe in parallel internally.