M700 Inputs

I am trying to use my M700s in a dual-purpose 2-channel/home theater setup. I have a DSD connected directly to my M700s via balanced XLRs (for 2-channel), and Marantz front/left pre-outs connected to my M700s via RCAs (for home theater). Obviously, I’m only sending a signal from either the DSD or the Marantz at any given time.

Both inputs work fine/as expected when connected independently - i.e., one at a time. And the XLRs work whether the RCAs are connected or not. But, the RCAs do not work when the XLRs are plugged in - i.e., I cannot get sound out of the Marantz pre-outs if the XLRs are connected. Is this expected behavior?

Yes, it is not a good idea to have both of the input connected at the same time. You haven’t hurt anything by doing it, but it will not work with this setup.

James is correct. Here’s my setup kraigers :

You should be able to adapt it to your Marantz setup since it has both 5.1 analog in’s and out’s.

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