M700 Member Color Exchange

Anyone got black M700s they want to trade for silver? May not be possible with warranty issues, but I’ve got silver M700s less than 6 months old and I just put in a McIntosh C2600 preamp. Black M700s would look better. Oh, well.


Mine are silver. Am not trading silver for silver, :slight_smile:
How do you like the sound of the McIntosh/M700 combination?

Just wrap them:

Haven’t hooked up yet. Hopefully can do it tomorrow night. Got a good deal so was kind of an impulse buy on a C2600 tube preamp

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Good idea I’ll look into. Thanks. Crossed my mind to paint but I would have regretted later.

Funny. I demo’d a silver stack about six months back, but really wanted black. I returned it because it was just too much kit for my office.

If I still had it, I’d probably be asking the same question!

Always curious about this stuff. What about heat dissipation?

Don’t think an issue. This is like vinyl used for stickers on the inside of car glass. Very thin plastic.

Stellar class D is so efficient a blanket could be draped over them and I doubt it would matter (don’t do this of course).

Don’t cover the vents with vinyl…

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I have mostly black audio gear. My Wyred4Sound stuff is “silver and black” and also have a headphone amp that’s Dark Satin Grey.

The newer Wyred Silver tone is closer to a grey. I like the blend.

Hooked up now and sounds dynamite!

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are you using single-ended (rca) cables?
or balanced (xlr) cables from the McIntosh to the M700?

Balanced. Bigger sound stage, much fuller, big sound yet very smooth. Thanks


Pretty good for just changing the color :wink:

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