M700 Mono Blocks for Sale [Sold]

PS Audio Stellar M700 pair for sale - asking $1,800. The buyer pays shipping and insurance. The silver amplifiers are in very good condition and under warranty. The Stellar M700s are rated class A by Stereophile magazine. The amplifiers will be shipped in their original boxes, manuals, etc.

Are these still for sale?

are these still for sale, and where are you located?


Sorry for no reply for so long. I am back in country tomorrow and the amplifiers are for sale.


Thank you for the reply concerning the M700s.

I apologize for the delayed response - was out of country.

The amplifier location is in Wilmington, NC.


How long have you owned thm and how many hours on them?


The amplifiers were purchased on May 5, 2017 and are under warranty until May 5, 2020. The amps have approximately 600 hours on them. The M700s drove electrostatic speakers that had their own internal 200 watt amps for the speaker’s woofers. So the M700s were just driving the electrostatic panels.

An offer has been tendered for the M700 amplifiers and once the transaction is completed, the ad will be marked as “sold”. I appreciate the interest to purchase the amplifiers and wish the best to all who showed interest. The M700s are fantastic amplifiers and highly recommended!

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The M700s were sold.