M700’s with Stellar P3 Power Plant

Can I hook my M700’s into the P3 Power Plant in regen mode, or is using the high current filter option the only safe option given the output wattage of the M700’s?


What load are the M700 driving? super low sensitivity bookshelf speakers or Zu Audio 100dB+ or something in between? How loud do you play your system, 65dB or 105dB.

The M700 are wildly efficient and I would believe are unlikely to present an issue with the P3 BUT it depends on the demands you place on them…

At idle the M700 draws a paltry 12w or so. I can play my 83dB/w/m speakers to ear bleed levels and the meter on my P10 doesn’t report but a few watts more being drawn.

Hope you weren’t looking for a YES or NO answer.

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I would suggest mostly yes depending on the load. If your speakers are of average sensitivity, then yes, the M700s should work fine in region mode. Worth a try and you risk no damage.

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As a former radio announcer and copywriter, I feel compelled to correct Monsignor Paul’s spelling as follows: "then yes, the M700s should work fine in regen mode.
And I have the same setup. My m700’s work flawlessly in the regen mode of the Stellar PP3.

Just a note of thanks for your response. I received the P3 a few days ago, and hooked it up to my M700’s/Stellar GCD/and source equipment. The system is working flawlessly, and I’m hearing more clarity and separation of voice and instruments from my B&W speakers (sensitivity 90 db). I’m loving my PS Audio system even more now, and very glad I took the plunge and purchased the P3.

Best to all in Boulder!

Awesome Mike, glad the P3 seems to have found a new happy home! As expected, regen is absolutely perfect for them. The M700s have the ability to pull a lot more current, but they (probably) never will. Your ears are the natural barrier that will prevent this from happening. Listening at above concert levels in the house it not advised… :grinning:

If you can get the P3 (on Regen) to put out more than 270 watts into your speakers the blue light on the front will change color - first to yellow, then red. I have never been able to get mine even close to that level and don’t intend to try. My speakers are 93 db efficient and the M700’s will try to stuff 700 watts or so into them before the amps clip or the speakers fry. Or the neighbors start pounding on the walls.

Thanks, Mike! Great too hear that. It’s a wonderful piece.


At the risk of showing my considerable “advancing age” ignorance, and trusting you to keep this question between just us guys, I’m trying to post a photo to the Photography Topic in the forum, and just not figuring it out. Is there a “Posting for Dummies” tutorial available? Or perhaps a few quick words to lead me in the right direction?

Loving being a member of our PS Audio family

Mike Byers

No problem Mike, maybe a little confusing the first time, but it’s really simple once you do it a few times.

While you’re replying to a thread, this is the icon you’ll click on to upload a picture.


This is the next screen you’ll see. From here you can either upload a picture that you have saved on your computer, or you can upload a picture from the web. Hope this helps and let me know if you still have trouble.