Mac mini server connecting to Devialet


I am setting up a Mac mini server based on the how to section. The problem that I am running into is that the Devialet is on my living room wall and the server is in the basement so the cord length is around 24 feet which is way too long for the USB. If I have the Devialet on the home network would that eliminate the need for the USB connection? Previously I was using a Moon MIND to access the files with a XLR connection between the Devialet and MIND, but I really like the simplicity of Paul’s recommendations.


Why not just hook it up wirelessly? The Devialet AIR app will work just fine for that…


Part of the reason that Paul uses USB is simplicity and portability. His server and DirectStream travel and that is a good solution for connecting. He needs only a short cord for that. If you really want to use USB w/o moving the Mac Mini to the same room you could try putting it on a shelf closer to the basement ceiling (and the Devialet). The wireless works, but it is possible that the sound quality might be better (or worse, hehe) with a hardwired network connection. Only one way to find out…


I just went back to the Devialet website as I was under the impression that it could not play 24/192, but the site says it can now.


It will do 24/192 wirelessly with the proviso that you have a VERY robust wifi network and strong signal to the Devialet. The other option if your wifi is even marginal is to use EOP adaptors… I’ve been using the Netgear units for several years with zero issues.