Mac Mini with DSD DAC Audio Help

I have a MAC Mini with PS Audio DSD and can not seem to get Sirius or Tidal to play through my speakers.

I have gone into Settings -> Audio

I have also gone into the Midi setup.

The music wants to play though the internal speakers and not through the USB connected DAC to my home stereo speakers.

I also seem to have this same challenge in iTunes from time to time.

Music plays fine through JRiver.

Please help…I want to be able to hear my Sirius and Tidal subscriptions on home stereo.


Not sure about either but are there settings within either of the two services to direct audio output?

Good Question wglenn. I should have probably explained that I am trying to stream the music through a browser (Safari) on the mac.

The applications do not seem to have setting that work for directing the the DAC.

So, if there is a setting in the MAC that directs audio from the browser, I think that is the trick I am looking for.

That should lie with the Preferences that you have already addressed. There are some on the forum that have experience with Tidal that should be able to help more than I. Can you hear audio from other web based sources, like YouTube?

This is crazy…I just tried the ‘on/off’ repair method and now it is working!

After struggling with this for the last month…arghh!

Oh well, not sure what changed but restarting the computer seemed to do the trick.


Pure f#@&ing magic!

Wow, this gets more screwed up each time that I edit it. I think you get the message!