Mac stop working

Good morning. I have a MacMini that drives the music to the Stellar Gain using JRiver Media Center 25. Everything was fine until the last update from Apple exactly one week ago. The stellar Gain that was the primary output channel disappear. Impossible to find anywhere. Try to unplug the USB cable from a slot to another but nothing happens. It’s seems the Mac does’t see the stellar. I don’t know what to do. Some Suggestion???

If the mini is dedicated as a music server using only a local library, I’d recommend not allowing any updates to be pushed through. Most of purpose of the updates is virus protection which wouldn’t be needed and neither is software or operating system updates.

Check with JRiver is find out if MC 25 is compatible with the update. And try calling Apple for help.

Ok for the update: i’t’s a music server with local library. Basically I’ve to downgrade to previous version?

That should work.

Let me run this by our networking folks. This shouldn’t happen and I don’t know what’s changed. It sounds like for some reason the driver isn’t being recognized.

Have you tried rebooting everything (Mac then SGCD, SGCD then Mac, etc.)?

As weird as it sounds, I’d also try a different USB cable. I know this didn’t change, but it’s worth a shot.

Had the same thing happen to me today after a Mojave os update. I just turned everything off, unplugged, re-plugged, turned everything back on and rebooted the mac mini. All’s well now.

Thanks, I’ll try this evening!

You’ll still have to go into Sound settings and (re)choose your dac as a source. And in midi to adjust bit rate and depth (if you changed it before).

Sorry for the delay. It works. Thank you!