Magico Magic (and unrelated matters)


Mine sounds no different from a cold start compared to continuous baking. It gets put into standby when not in use.


It wouldn’t have any bearing one way or the other, you replace your equipment before it’s two weeks old…:grinning:


At least the P1 is getting used. My new M-pods are still sitting on the floor doing nothing because I can’t install them by myself. That’s US$10K sitting on the floor there doing absolutely nothing :tired_face:


Why does it cost so much for 2 T bars and 6 hockey pucks …? 10k.!!! They must dance with joy when they get another order from you. :grin: YOU are the only person who buys them hence the price.


We were all getting along just fine - just stating facts. Individual opinions are what many people can’t seem to handle these days. Which is kind of sad.


If the speakers were lying on their sides, couldn’t you prop the bottom half of them up using couch cushions or something, inorder to fit the T bars and pods?


How to safely tip a 320 lb speaker onto its side by oneself?


Mr B… I’ll be happy to help you!!! Just send 1st class round trip airfare from the US and accommodations to match and we will have you up and running in no time. :rofl:


Well in affect you’d only be dealing with half of that weight when lowering them to the floor, but that’s still a sketchy proposition by yourself, and standing them up would even be harder. Had no idea they weighed that much.


There are many other places where you can express political views. This is just not one of them. :slight_smile:

You can always take it to PMs if you want to discuss politics with another member.


I thought that’s why people had kids!


Kids and 320 lb moveable objects might not end well for the kid and/or the moveable object.


If I had the time I wouldn’t mind flying out to help! Been meaning to get out to that part of the world for a while. Ha.


Good idea, flying out to help Brodric would be worth the opportunity to listen to his system.


That of course depends entirely on the kid.


I’d try Isoacoustic Gaia Titan footers. At about $1800 for a set of the Titan Theis, they are the best bang for the buck improvement in soundstage and accuracy I’ve ever experienced.


Next order…just posted on the Esoteric Japan website.


I’ve heard the M3 with Naim Statement and I have no idea how they work in your room, but good luck anyway! You certainly seem to be having an awful lot of fun.

Perth is the classic example of when you get something right, leave it alone, name the WACA’s speed/bounce and the Freemantle Doctor. Just as they started direct flights from London to Perth they moved to the new stadium, it just isn’t the same. It’s a good lesson for audio.


Perth in Australia and Perth in Canada are both named after Perth in Scotland. Perth is twinned with Aschaffenburg in the German state of Bavaria.

No need for a plane to get me to the real Perth. It is only 35 miles from where I live…:grinning:


Except the proper one is pronounced Purth and the other one Pearth.
The Canadians also have a Peterborough and the Americans a Birmingham, so there’s no accounting for taste.
I once went to “Islington” Golf Club in Toronto and the guy who named the roads around there, indeed the whole area including the golf club, really was homesick for the UK.