Magico Magic (and unrelated matters)

Along Elk’s comment, ‘you’re gonna need a bigger boat’…

holy crap you could power a radio station with that

I am assuming there’s some major class A amps going on there…
Also first time I’ve seen Lexicon mentioned in this forum, gonna go see what they are doing these days :slight_smile:

I believe 328 amps is the maximum power draw possible from the system, but not the normal operating draw playing music, even playing very loudly. You would need a 400 amps service to run such a system if you are that much power all the time. That’s enough power for 4 single family homes at 100 amps each.

I have a 200 amp panel for my home. House came 125 amp service, and I added Solar PV and needed a larger panel. 328 amp draw is one powerful setup.

328 amps @ 120volts = roughly 52 horsepower. That is dedication to a hobby!


Not quite the sports car as in your picture, but it gets you from A to B. Whereas in terms of Audio we apparently are talking about a Bugatti class sound system.
Nautilus as front L&R and 800 series as center. That is something.

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When you think about the size of a 40kw generator running to power the stereo is is a big system!

preferably, you might want to allow for the aggregate of the amps, etc. to have a multiple of the needed power for instantaneous current draw (sorry about articulation).

Merry Christmas to Brodric.

It just occurred to me that the Magico Magic … thread is a gift, most likely unintended, to us.


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Your Christmas message to the mighty Brodric will soon be flagged!


I join @1cdfoley wishing Brodric merry Christmas and a blessed 2020.

The same greeting is certainly addressed to PS Audio and all PS Audio Forum members as well.

The folks down under Including Brodric are in need of serious prayers and the best wishes from those who don’t pray. Perth and other places in Australia are struck by severe heat and bushfires. Certainly not the only place where this happens, but they are struck badly this season.


Bring on the flags,

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Merry Christmas to Brodric indeed

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Lol. I mentioned this in another thread

Brodric is alive and well over on the Audioshark Forum.

Yes, that is peak. this is a very rural area. Home has 1.5 mega watt xformer. 4x 200A panels, 2, 400a *panels,1x 800a panel. it is not all stereo. It is a 58,000 square foot home. We have a Generac but it cannot power the theater. In fact it cannot power all of the A/C. On generator they “take turns”.

Folks I have a question i asked elsewhere but did not get answered maybe someone can help? I have some very high end subs. with multiple drivers. they have down firing drivers as well. If I put high end isolation feet under the stock feet should it make them sound better? Or are they now to far from the ground to build enough pressure? I tried it and I thought it sounded much better but common sense tells me the driver is to far. Although that kind of whopping power perhaps it does not matter? Thank you

I also wanted to thank all of you for tanking my word for this. some other forums people are like “oh sure, tell me another good one”. I do not need that. I think it is good to trust people. You are also correct this is not in Power Plants. That would be nearly impossible. It is all very well wired.

I knew it, we really experience one of the rare mega setups here! Thanks for you openness so far! It would be worth another Copper story for a few releases, but I also understand very well that there might be no will to share more than necessary for you.

Regarding your question:
To my knowledge, in case of downfiring woofers, the distance between the woofer and the floor is no part of the acoustical design and there should be no change of intended sound by that. Bass in that frequency range has globular radiation and can’t be located, which is the only reason, why downfiring works at all.
Just if you would lift the woofer by 3 feet, you’d have a different positioning in room geometry…but I understood you’re speaking of just an inch or two by feet distance increase. I’m sure there’s also someone with concrete speaker design experience here who might confirm. For sure the manufacturer of your sub will be able to confirm, too.

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Hi 2chan4ever,

Either the information you provide is legit or it’s not. Assuming the best intentions of forum members, I assume it’s legit.

However your remarks like:

Do make me and apparently others wonder. They are counterproductive.

On this forum, luckily rather non political, it is OK to have a seemingly unlimited budget. Others, who do have limited budgets, are equally respected.

No need to apologize or doubt people won’t believe you. We are all grown up here. Indeed not everything is appreciated, but does it need to be? Many threads/posts here may be concluded that members have to agree to disagree.

I do enjoy the technical and audiophile parts of your posts. If the information is legit just post it.


Thank you folks. Especially Jazznut. This was my finding. If I lift a sub 4 feet off the floor(which is rather difficult due to weight) the sound does not seem to “thin” out. So 2.5" should hardly matter. Plus Stillpoints 6 IMO can do no harm.

I was just mentioning that coming from car forums, Kids that most likely do not even own the car or have very rich dad and then berate me. This is exactly the point Rudolf, Posting such things for the world to see can get one in a world of hurt IMO. If this forum was private I would. Since I think everyone here is likeminded. Just ask yourself, would say Elon Musk post his home? It is too identifiable. I am just glad no one “called me out”. That honestly hurts my feelings. Since I worked hard for this.

Plus I just realized I did not even mention the subs originally. You would never guess what they are. They are not great at HT but I got a “deal” on them.

TBH, I only use the front channels. Our kids use the theater. The unfortunate thing is there might never be 8K hardware. As it is 4K hardware is on it’s way out. I would enjoy to watch a bit of 8K. Although I bet it looks better on the 55" Q900R in our bedroom. We just have to sit on top of it.

You know what? In the Master bedroom that is a 2 channel system. No Atmos or anything and I miss nothing. Honestly I prefer that system. It is not inexpensive but nothing like what is downstairs.

I will say I would not be afraid to put a DSS with Windom in either system if I needed it. That says a lot.
I did have it in the MBR and it made me put my DAVE on the TV!