Magnepan 3.7i [Sold]

Looking to sell a mint 3.7i pair so I can order the 20.7. Black oak, black cloth. New in May 2019.
Asking price is 5K, I have all boxes, shipping materials, and proper pallet. I can also help with delivery within 125 miles on Ma.

If anyone has any questions please let me know. I also have a nice Def TEch Mythos ST-L pair for sale. Great speaker for a second office set up, or teens room.

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If anyone has any questions. Please feel free to PM me.

I don’t think shipping to the UK is practical, sadly, always wanted to try a pair of these :slight_smile:
I hope they find a very good home!
Also - bump.

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The maggies are still for sale, and will be unless the Def Techs sell. then I’ll move the Maggies into the office where the DT are now.

Try the planar asylum -

I lower the price to pm best offer.

4800.00 takes them home

It’s a damned good thing I got sick or I’d be looking for couch change on those and selling assets.

Still for sale $4700

Sold my 3.7i’s last night.