Magnetic field coming from NPC


Today I noticed an extremely strong magnetic field emanating from the right front of my NPC. The field was strong enough to attract and capture the end of a metal measuring tape.

My question is what is producing this large magnetic field and is it something to be concerned about other than bringing credit cards, etc., into close proximity?

Thank you!

It is from the big power transformer inside. Not to worry.

Thanks Paul. Boy are you up early! I’ve never experienced an A/C transformer that retained a magnetic field like this after being powered off and unplugged. There’s always a first time for everything!

It remains magnetic even after it’s been unplugged? That is a new one to me. In that case, I stand corrected. I’ll bet the metal shield around the transformer has been magnetized.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the black top on the NPC held on magnetically?

The retaining mechanism is certainly a possibility. I’ll check further regarding how the top is retained and/or whether the transformer housing has become magnetized.

The reason for my level of concern is that the NPC is positioned close to my ReVox PR99 analog tape deck and I don’t want to do anything untoward to my 2nd gen master tapes :slight_smile: ( I know, I know… Why is anyone using analog tape in today’s environment? Probably the same reason I like tube-type guitar amps)

Hello Ted and Paul,

Page 2 of the user’s manual does, indeed, say the top cover is held on magnetically. Thanks for the information!

Doh!! Of course. The top magnets. Thanks Ted. Totally forgot.