Mapleshade 15x18x4 Mapleshade Speaker Plinths (2)

The plinths come with low spiked screw-in feet. Please view further information at

The top of the plinths do have indents from speaker spikes.

Selling price is $330 for the pair and buyer pays for shipping.

Hi, interested in your Mapleshade plinths. Do the bottom of the plinths have the low heavy feet or are they spiked feet. The website doesn"t show spiked feet. The wood is it the standard satin wood or is it another color??
Happy Thanksgiving
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Hi CJ,

I hope you had a fun Thanksgiving, as well.Attached are some are some pictures of the plinths. The plinths have Mapleshade screw-in spikes as pictured.

Please let me know if you have further questions.

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