Mapleshade Triplepoint Megamount Footers SOLD

Mapleshade’s best sounding footers for speakers and components. Solid brass measuring 3 ¼” tall by 3” wide and weighing 5 ¾ lbs each.

$185 for a set of 3 plus $15 shipping via USPS Priority Mail.

PM on the way.

I just wanted to add to this thread that one should not hesitate to do business with this audio gentleman. Communication, price, timely mailing–all are excellent.

On top of that these Megamounts are great isolation “feet.” I have them under my ZTPRE preamp. At first I had them on top of a PowerBase as I had been using VooDoo Cable Iso-Pods on the PowerBase with the ZTPRE before. Great sound. . . but then decided that these were designed to be their best directly onto a slab of wood and so removed the PowerBase and they are now directly into the maple top shelf of my Mapleshade Audio Samson V.3 rack. And the sound this way is excellent.