Marantz AV7702mkii v. Cambridge Audio CXN Sound Stage

By accident, after turning off a movie earlier to switch to music listening, I discovered that my phone was streaming to both the Marantz and the CXN. So, I decided to do a listening test between the two of them.

I won’t bore everyone with the details, but I turned off features in the Marantz to match everything I could with the CXN. After that was done, there were certainly some tone differences, but what surprised me most was the imagining. In most cases, the CXN clearly had a better sound stage/ imaging. But in 2 out of 10 samples I played, the Marantz was actually superior.

My question… is that even possible? Can one DAC actually be better for just a few, particular songs over another DAC that is generally better? Could it be something else?

Thank you to anyone for your insight! Josh

(I’m running Def Tech 8080ST speakers, Anthem P2 stereo amp, Emotiva XSP Pre-amp (which was used to switch between the two streamers) and then the Marantz 7702 and the Cambridge Audio CXN were connected to my phone via airplay)