Marantz NA-11S1 SOLD brand new sealed A stock, CLASS A+


Rave review, Stereophile Class A+ compared $43,000 MSB Diamond.

I have a brand new sealed, A stock, Marantz NA-11S1 reference network player for sale.

Retail $3500, SOLD

Need to sell to fund amp purchase or car for my wife - which do you think will win?

Paypal adds 3%

Perfect feedback on Audiogon


I hope you like your wife’s new car. :smiley: Better yet I hope that she REALLY likes it… :stuck_out_tongue:



I was just monkeying around with an 11S1 and it is an awesome DAC. Compared to the PWDII, I think it pulls more detail on top and has a fantastically wide soundstage, but the PWD flows a bit better (more organic if you will).

The MSB Analog DAC (9000 for the one I tried) was probably the best digital I have ever heard. Having said that the PWD isn’t far behind. I wonder if tweaks or a new digital lens could narrow that gap real quickly.

wingsounds13 said: I hope you like your wife's new car.

Me, too, especially given its modest cost of less than $3,000.


The car will be a lot more than $3k :frowning:


No Problem. I found one for you.


A competitor to the REVA G-Wiz.


You guys are a great help…


Glad to be of service. :smiley: