Martin's Equipment - Mainly Sonic Frontier - Update


I know I promised that I would post photos of Martin’s equipment following my drive down to Oak Island to pick up the Von Schweikert VR5 Anniversary speakers.

Here are the photos. I posted a list somewhere in the Forum but I do not remember where. If you are seriously interested in any of this stuff, PM me and I will give you Marty’s email. One of our Forum members has already made contact.

I think most of this equipment is Sonic Frontier.

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This one?

I have hade several PM’s as to Martin’s inventory. Last night I received the following email I have not figured it all out yet, but at least it is a beginning:

“Christopher, here is a list, When I started thinking about selling I joined the Audiogon blue book for a month just to get an idea of the values of the eq. I was selling. That was in late August.

Sonic Frontiers line 3 Retail $4995 Blue book $2610 However my preamp had all the mods from parts connection

” " phono sig. " $1695 " $910 " " " " “

” " SFT1 " $2295 " $810 Never even tried it just sitting in the rack

Mark Levinson 433 $10,000 " $6130 200 W x 3 3 channel amp

Von Schweikert Visium $4000 " ? none sold, no blue book value

SVS PB13 Sub $1599 " $1390 Not a bad Sub

Proceed 100 W amp I use for the center channel I don’t know the values?

Various cables etc.

Those Blue Book values are not what I’d be asking, There just a guide."


@wglenn Thanks. The prices that Marty is looking to sell for are not related to the prices listed in the inventory.

I will try to get the Forum member who is in touch with Marty to post his experience.

Happy hunting.


Thanks birdog,

Marty’s a great guy and motivated to sell,

I don’t know if I will purchase anything but just wanted to post an update,



Improved photos.

Also, Marty has Von Schweikert center channel, powered sub, & side/surround speakers. My photos of those items did not come out very well therefore I did not post.


Any info on the rack?



I do not know. I’ll ask.



I emailed Marty. Waiting to hear.



Heard from Marty re Audio Rack. He will only sell locally. I could buy it for you and ship if you like. He does not remember brand name (one of the big names) but he paid in $2000.00 range.

I could probably buy it in the area of $500.00 and ship it to you. Driving down to Oak Island & back to Wrightsville Beach figure $25.00 ($10.00 gas - $15.00 for George (my handyman)).

Marty is looking through his paperwork to look up brand & model. Overall dimensions also.


@wglenn The rack is the Anoda Nemesis with the 5 shelf option: (dimensions at website)

He will not ship, but I can get George, my handyman, to drive down to Oak Island with me to pick it up for you, take it to the shop, clean/polish it up, & ship. I believe I would be able to get it to you for about $500.00 TOTAL including shelf & shipping. I would like an additional $25.00 for picking it up: $10 for gas + $15.00 for George.

Other option is to drive down to the beach, stay a few days at my home directly on the beach & drive back with the shelf. There may by Single Malt Scotch involved.


Driving down to Oak Island Tuesday 12/17 to pick up the Adona Nemesis 5 rack and make an offer for a Forum member on the Mark Levinson 433.

Anybody else need any of Martin’s stuff.


Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I was seriously considering the rack but I really want a horizontal arrangement. Thanks for checking on the price for me though. I’m sure he’ll be able to sell at that price. :slight_smile:


@wglenn You can have the rack if you want it. I am just going to put it in storage. I really do not want it. Martin is getting antsy to clear out his living room so I’ll clean & keep until someone wants it.


I have had many requests as to Martin’s cables. I will find out what brands/ models he has on Tuesday. I can tell you this, however. They will be dusty. :))


Do not clean them!

It changes the dielectrical properties.


@elk The hell I won’t clean them. For all I know the PET may have fleas living in those nooks & crannies. I build cables…remember? The dialectics will all go back to sleep after a thorough vacuuming. I wasn’t planning a chemical bath.

If I buy them, before they enter my home they will meet the shop vac in the garage I assure you. I have been to Martin’s house. It makes you want to shower as soon as you get home. Love the guy. But whomever is his house keeper…she must perform “other” duties for that golf crazy bachelor.


So THAT is what cable break-in time is all about. Mystery solved! :)) Now comes the great debate over which kind of dust sounds best.

birddogthecat said: The hell I won't clean them.

And here I thought cleaning the dust off was like removing the patina off of an antique bronze.


@elk It does reduce value at the antique store…reduces value at flea market too. :))


Leaving for Oak Island at 9:00AM EST. A few Forum members have expressed interest in certain units of Martin’s equipment. If anyone else wishes for me to investigate (list & some photos in prior posts) let me know via PM.

Much interest surrounds his cables. I will look into what they are etc. Please make note of advice posted by @Elk. :stuck_out_tongue: