MATRIX UPGRADE KTE SU-1, Intona USB Isolator with Cables Total $700 (Price Reduced) SOLD

KTE SU-1 DDR (dual discrete regulators): Kitsune Tuned Edition – 3.2uV/2.0uV output noise, 125db PSRR, USB Digital to Digital Convertor XMOS XU208 CPLD DSD512 – FREE SHIPPING WITH COUPON CODE : SINGXER | Kitsune HiFi - HoloAudio USA

KTE-SU1 DDR - Black 1 $789.00 USD
Intona USB3. 0 Isolator 1 $360.00 USD
KTE Signature ISO USB Cable (0. 18m) 1 $80.00 USD

KR-2 SILVER USB CABLE A/B (1M) 1 $60.00
S-920 HDMI® CABLE (1M) 1 $110.00

If you are looking to acquire a Matrix or are looking to upgrade your current Matrix, I have an attractive package for sale.

I owned the Matrix for a few months back at the beginning and liked it a lot. When I started to get upgrade fever, I found this tuned version of the Singxer by Kitstune.

This device is major upgrade over the Matrix it includes a tuned up power supply whereas the Matrix would require an external supply.

The Intona isolates the USB to eliminate ground loops which can do real damage to the sound quality.

I have all the required cables. The Via Blue cables are extremely good for the price I compared them to cables in the $300 range and they were every bit as good.

To buy this kit new would cost $1,400. You will not find this discounted because the Singxer is custom built by Kitstune.

I will sell the whole package for $700 Net which is what it would cost for just the KTE-SU1 DDR.

I will cover shipping in CONUSA.

Hi - Are you selling a KTE SU-1 or SU-2?

Your link is to the KTE SU-2, your Title is for the KTE SU-2, the listing shows KTE SU-1, and the photo is of a KTE SU-1.

I ask because I have a KTE SU-2 which I really like and wouldn’t mind another.


Oops thanks for pointing that out it is the SU-1

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I use our KTE SU-2 for an interesting application.

I listen to headphones at night, my Wife goes to bed earlier than I do.

We have a nVidia Shield Pro with the USB output connected to a KTE-2. The KTE-2 outputs Optical Coax which runs under the floor across our living room and up into a cabinet where there’s a Sony TA-ZH1ES. I’ve done a number of different permutations of this connection with other sources such as the toslink output from a Roku, L&R analog audio out of our BKK pre (I thought this was going to be the winner), and a few others. The KTE connection is by far the best. Voices are more articulate, music scores are more defined, .

I could have simply run a long USB cable to the TA-ZH1ES from the Shield, but I have a Sonore ultraRendu already occupying the USB input on the TA-ZH1ES for Roon. I didn’t want to add a USB switch to go back and forth between sources at the TA-ZH1ES.

I highly recommend any upgraded device by Tim Connor. He’s very talented and doesn’t cut corners.

@magicknow - Good luck with your sale.

Thanks yes I really enjoyed this device big upgrade over the matrix

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