Matrix X-SPDIF 2

When I got mine the DS DAC was breaking in also so over time memory is fuzzy and some could could have been be DAC or USB I won’t discount your opinion though as their ethernet cords sound a bit edgy at first and mellow a bit after time.

Just update us on your final assessment after Miss Crabtree’s ice cream.


If it still sounds crude after a week or so I guess Al´s system is not up to Inakustik level.
Maybe you can bring it down a few notches for better match? :sweat_smile:

Nah but seriously i like that usb a lot ,not because of it´s transparency or intimacy but mainly it´s ability to convey emotion and wholeness of real sound and musical intent. In my system…and at times I liked other usb`s…take your pick.


Considering I had the cable I chose as my finest in the system before switching to the Inakustik the fact that I am still listening to it and enjoying it might offer a clue as to what I think of it.

Quite simply, if you have $350 to $450 and you want to buy ONE USB cable and BE DONE WITH IT buy the Inakustik Referenz. It has no faults and it sounds wonderful.

I will put my more expensive cable back in soon though. Just to see what I might have missed.


An old cable is like an old girlfriend or ex wife.

You never know what you gave up until you try them again.

It is way easier to not feel guilty after you decide to toss them and go back to the new one.


I just wish I had more ex cables than ex wives or ex girlfriend’s. Cables end up being much cheaper


Thanks Al, that’s just the kind of endorsement I was hoping for.

Now, for its companion HDMI…



So far, what are top 3 usb and hdmi cables with the Matrix ?

In my personal experience:
Stealth Audio USB-T Select V3
Shunyata Sigma V1
Inakustik Referenz


I really like my Inakustik Referenz, It replaced an Audioquest Coffee.


Love my AQ Diamond USB and Diamond HDMI combo. Recently picked up a Diamond Ethernet as well. Dare I say I’m still waiting on my RAL HDMI? :roll_eyes:

It’s only been 2 weeks so I’m trying to be patient.

I’m also still toying with the uptone audio etherregen for my system. I haven’t completely fell into the rabbit hole but I’m very close!


Don’t forget a Farad Super 3 power supply for your EtherREGENT. I ordered one for my EtherREGENT over a week ago in it suppose to be delivered express Mail, but seem to be having COVID 19 deliveries problems. I believe that can add to your waiting.

It’s too late to save me, I’m almost at the bottom of this rabbit hole. Maybe the Shunyata Omega USB and that should be it.

I put my Stealth Audio USB cable back in. I like it.
The Inakustik is the bang for the buck winner, no doubt there.
The higher priced cables aren’t worse.

Glad to finally know about the Referenz.


Hi @aangen

How much “burn in” do you think the Referenz should have before it is compared with a well burned in Stealth Audio USB? Did you leave it running overnight for a few days? Has anyone else with a Referenz noted change with burn in hours? The cables I use come with a recommendation of 200+ hrs burn in. I’m getting tempted to try the Referenz, even with being very pleased with my current USB.



To be fair I think you should let a cable burn in for as you say, 200 hours or so.
I am going to tell you that after 20 hours it sounded extremely good in comparison to a well broken in cable that costs five times as much. I will most likely not keep it, so I won’t likely give it more time. It’s done it’s job for me. I won’t likely choose it and set my $2000 cables on the shelf. Ya know.

(I just wanted to hear it, do you want to buy it from me?) :slight_smile:

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My DS was still burning in when I got the Referenz USB. Things have mellowed considerably since and I also bought Referenz ethernet cords. My frame of reference and usage is thousands of hours.

I have no difficulty in noticing any changes in my streaming chain using it. Be it power supplies, power or other digital cords or footers. Which tells me it has ability to let anything come through and does not color the presentation or over power it with its character. The wires i believe I read have enamel paint and cotton insulation. I don’t know if that dielectric requires burn in but must work somewhat close to air tubes. I would think the paint must have some cure time.


My Farad Super 3 finally came for my EtherREGENT and it brought the performance up another notch. The Farad made more difference with the Matrix, but any increase in SQ is welcome. The Matrix made a huge difference with my Esoteric transport. The best I ever heard in my system. But it also made an fantastic improvement to my former Aurender. The Farad with the Matrix made the Aurender incredibly vivid, even more so than the Esoteric, but the Esoteric has a sense of ease and power the Aurender cannot approach. It comes down to personal taste which is better. My preference leans towards the Esoteric.


You are making me crazy! It is EtherREGEN not EtherREGENT!!!


[comes back to life]

I just want to make sure people understand, I am not saying the Inakustik Referenz USB cable is better than the more expensive cables. I am saying it’s so good you won’t care that it didn’t cost $2000+.


ce qui ne va pas avec régent?

Opps!! Just getting old and confused. It is spelled EtherREGEN. Sorry. I find more costly cables usually has a higher resolution and reveal more information, but is often brighter sounding. Whether you like it or not depends on how it balance your system.

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Best value for money vs the best ever will always depend on wallet, system, and user :smile: EDIT: and sometimes, good marketing! :sunglasses:

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