Maximum wattage from 1 regenerated output (P12)

What is the maximum wattage can be supplied by 1 regenerated outlet in P12? (I.e. zone A-C, not the high current outlet)


I believe about 1250 watts if you do not use any other outlet. If you use other outlets, then it would b e the combined load from other outlets being used.

Thanks so much, so if all outlets are used, theoriticaly each outlet can support around 200 max

It does’t matter how much wattage you use from each outlet as long as the total from all the outlets does not exceed 1250 watts.

Got it, thanks

Waymanchen is right in way that as long as the total power pulled isn’t more than the P12’s current handling limit, you’re OK. However, 1250 is a little high. It can easily handle little bursts of this, but continuous is closer to 900-1000. If much more than this is pulled continuous, it will get too hot and go into protection.